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Quitting MCD

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StopTakingUsernames, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. StopTakingUsernames

    StopTakingUsernames Well-Known Member

    To be completely honest, I have just lost interest in the server. I will continue playing on the enhanced survival server, but mcd has gotten too grindy and boring for my interests.

    A few IRL issues have also pushed me to make this decision (Ace and Goose are probably the only people that know), but I'd just like to thank everyone else for the fun ride.
    Some honourable mentions:

    Dakotaa, Overall running a very enjoyable server, with (slight) lag issues.
    Spalw, for running the biggest cash-grab of all time
    Ace, Just generally being a great admin and a great guy
    Nova, B(est)admin
    Infamous, for placing some bricks somewhere at spawn.
    Noodly, for consistently wasting my time under spawn with a giant maze thing.
    Candy, Hope the family is doing great!

    Non-admins and other players
    Snipplez, being my co-leader through some of last map and some of this map.
    Mokka, Always great to raid with you!
    Dest, Krom, and Tatter, Loved being in 4th, thanks!
    And the rest of 4th, great place, great people
    And to everyone else along the way, thanks!

    HOWEVER, with all this being said, ill be obliterating someones base this weekend with a nice big cannon.
  2. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    later had some great times raiding with you, and defending against you hopefully see you around ;)
  3. NovaSeepa

    NovaSeepa Admin Staff Member Admin MVP++


    Good luck man, see you around on SMP.
  4. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    You’re a massive wanker but I appreciate anyone who puts as much effort into playing MCDrugs as you have.
  5. StopTakingUsernames

    StopTakingUsernames Well-Known Member

    Brutally honest haha. You should give the SMP server a shot, its quite nice change from mcd.
  6. MilkyBag

    MilkyBag Mod Staff Member Moderator VIP+

    Sad to see you go. It was always fun watching people get salty after you destroyed their bases. Take it easy man and ill see you around on the SMP server!
  7. StopTakingUsernames

    StopTakingUsernames Well-Known Member

    oh wait nobody sells base coords anymore
    maybe next week, I give up.

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