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Real drugs !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _VhizyHD_, Oct 6, 2019.

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  1. _VhizyHD_

    _VhizyHD_ New Member MVP

    Im curious to see what y’all do drug wise drop below, no boof video proof only. Happy smoking y’all

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
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  2. StopTakingUsernames

    StopTakingUsernames Well-Known Member

    Next on vhizy's YT channel: Curly gets a boyfriend!
  3. Mac_Milller

    Mac_Milller Member Contributor

    dude, go get a job. no one gives a fuck about your chad lifestyle.
  4. StopTakingUsernames

    StopTakingUsernames Well-Known Member

    as for drugs I do, oh you know the ushe, speed, weed, heroine, cocaine, mushrooms, pine-o-clean, petrol, battery acid, acid, salvia, meth, some herbs and spices and some lettuce and tomato, vodka sauce, bam and the dirt is gone, ajax spray and wipe, some chicken and cheese, all wrapped in a tortilla.
  5. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

    did you really post this absolute dignity destroying clip again?!

    man you really should get off whatever you're on.
  6. TwerkFest

    TwerkFest Retired Staff Retired Staff

    My favorite part of the video, just has to be where you go, "this monitor bro, this monitor bro costs a couple grand" *SLAPS COMPUTER HERE* -Inside computer, he has a GTX 1060, which sells brand new for about $130- Guess I'm not quite sure where you get your computer worth at, but if yours is worth a couple grand, i'm sitting with a computer worth over $100 grand.
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