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Important Returning Donator Ranks

Discussion in 'Donations' started by Spalw, May 11, 2019.

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  1. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    If it told you that it returned your rank, please double check. It wouldn't tell you that without actually giving you the rank.
  2. jimsel

    jimsel Member VIP+

    I tried /donorprefix vip and vip+ and also tried /pv 1 I don't know what else to check or do.
  3. NickWilde5

    NickWilde5 New Member

    IGN: Ghostofsparta (used to be Johnnygat0504 then NickWilde0504 or NickWilde5 I forgot)
    Rank MVP
    Estimated time of purchase: 2016 - 2018 (I had vip then vip+ then MVP is why it was over that long of a time span)
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2020
  4. schwacked

    schwacked New Member

    IGN: Schwacked

    Nickname: Sch (I think) It was in the color gold.


    Time of puchase: Colored Nickname: 26th January 2019 22:19
    VIP: 29th January 2019 20:05
  5. woofiebevis

    woofiebevis New Member

    IGN: woofiebevis
    Rank: MVP
    estimated date of purchase: 2017 (or 2018)
    I tried /ranktransfer and it said it had had MVP before and i still dont have it.
  6. ShillM8

    ShillM8 New Member

    IGN: Budslightyear
    Rank: VIP + and Nickname, Nickname color ( and potentially more things, its been a while since I hopped back on this )
    Estimated date of purchase: August 2017
    I tried /ranktransfer and it told me all the stuff I had but none of it got transferred. I even tried /ranktransfer back on /mcdrugs and relogged multiple times
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2020
  7. That_Dev

    That_Dev New Member VIP+

    Current username: Br0kenServer
    Last username you had the rank on: That_Dev
    Estimated Date of Purchase:22nd April 2018 17:26
    Have you tried /ranktransfer?: yeah only got VIP not VIP+, I have an email.
  8. _flaminghawk_

    _flaminghawk_ New Member MVP

    Current username: _FlamingHawk_
    Last username you had the rank on: _FlamingHawk_
    Rank: MVP+
    Estimated Date of Purchase: Before 2018. Most likely after 2016.
    Have you tried /ranktransfer?:
    Yes. I contacted staff support and was directed here.
  9. Luke Powell

    Luke Powell New Member

    Current username: LukeP_8
    Last username you had the rank on: LukeP_8
    Rank: VIP+
    Estimated Date of Purchase: Sometime in 2018?
    Have you tried /ranktransfer?: Yes
  10. chelseatail

    chelseatail New Member

    current username: chelseatail
    last username you had the rank on: chelseatail
    rank: vip+
    estimated date of purchase: most likely 2017
    Have you tried /ranktransfer?: yes, it said my vip+ rank was found but nothing happened, so I messaged staff and was told to make a post here.
  11. YoyoMVP

    YoyoMVP New Member

    Current username:YoyoMVP
    Last username you had the rank on:YoyoMVP
    Estimated Date of Purchase:~2017
    Have you tried /ranktransfer?:yes
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