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Important Rush Donation Commands

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. Celestaria

    Celestaria Active Member MVP

    IGN: Celestaria
    Nick: &dCelestaria
    Commands: MVP with a separate /nick
  2. PixelBeta

    PixelBeta Member VIP+

    IGN: Pixelbeta
    Nick: PixelRelease(pink)
  3. mamabi

    mamabi Well-Known Member MVP+

    IGN: mamster
    Nick: &5mamster
  4. Zarlfright

    Zarlfright New Member

    IGN: Zarlfright
    Just got vip+ and it didn't convert over to rush!
  5. Waitrose

    Waitrose New Member

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
  6. Mokkamann98

    Mokkamann98 Member MVP++

    IGN: Mokkamann98
    Nick: &aMokka
    Commands: MVP+
  7. ByeBuddy

    ByeBuddy New Member MVP

    IGN: ByeBuddy
    Nick: &2ByeBuddy
    Commands: Bought MVP+
  8. Shamz

    Shamz New Member VIP

    IGN: shamz_30
    Nick: N/A
    Commands: VIP+
  9. jrd3044

    jrd3044 AsstToTheOwner Staff Member AsstToTheOwner

    What's your in-game name, please follow instructions next time.
  10. deathtrap_70

    deathtrap_70 New Member MVP+

    IGN: deathtrap_70
    Nick: &bDeath
    Commands: MVP+

    MVP+ didnt convert over to rush
  11. CptFox

    CptFox New Member

    IGN: cptfox
    Commands: VIP
  12. FactionsTasty

    FactionsTasty Well-Known Member MVP+

    Nick:MJ idk what yellow is but light yellow
  13. Tittan

    Tittan New Member

    IGN: SmokerTittan
    Rank: Vip+
  14. Arman

    Arman Member

  15. Swissen2

    Swissen2 New Member

    Ign ~ Swissen
    Rank ~ VIP+
    Commands ~ All perks from VIP+, including homes
  16. kieran

    kieran New Member VIP

    IGN - CliveTheWolf
    Rank - VIP
    Commands - All perks for VIP
    NickName - &b Wolf
  17. nmeln

    nmeln New Member

    IGN- shedsquad
    Rank- Vip+
    Commands- all
    Nick- &4Out
  18. Hotshot1975

    Hotshot1975 New Member VIP+

    IGN: Hotshot1975
    Nick: N/A
    Commands: VIP - VIP+ (Upgraded)
  19. Beintruder

    Beintruder Retired Staff Retired Staff 2017 Map Founder MVP+

    IGN: beintruder
    Nick: already done
    Commands: MVP+
  20. Draggins

    Draggins New Member

    IGN: Draggins
    Nick: N/A
    Commands: VIP+
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