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Sky731's First ever hosted event! Read more!

Discussion in 'Weekly Event' started by sky, Dec 26, 2017.

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  1. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

    Hi MCdrugs! It's me sky!
    What exactly is this event you might ask? Well, its a tournament to see who will win the top 3 prizes at an arena that was built by an expert group of people in my faction.

    Now then, it will be 1v1's and if you lose then you're out!
    PVP wise the kit will be protection 1 armor, sharp 2 sword, 20 golden apples, 1 speed potion, 1 bow, and 20 arrows. We will be supplying the kits for each fight
    You don't have to be in the tournament to enjoy this event! We have space for spectators to watch these gruesome fights.
    The prizes, you might ask?
    1st place- 1.5 Million dollars and 1 elf armor set
    2nd place- 750k
    3rd place- 400k
    This tournament will take place this thursday on the 28th at 7 PM eastern time zone!
    Comment down below if you're interested in joining! We allow pvpers as well as spectators!
    If we don't get enough people interested then we will have to schedule the event at a later time so tell your friends too!

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  2. Mac_Milller

    Mac_Milller Member Contributor

    hell ya i wanna join
  3. Turmp

    Turmp Well-Known Member MVP+

    Let me join.
  4. JCR11

    JCR11 New Member

    i suck but sure
  5. Chargers2019

    Chargers2019 Member VIP+

    I'll spectate! Lol
  6. pigslayer51

    pigslayer51 Member

    Dank Shit im in
  7. Ziexd

    Ziexd Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder Contributor II MVP+ DrugPass I

    A free 1.5mil? Im in.
  8. Chili

    Chili New Member

    bro Ezy dub im coming for sure
  9. SirPenguin

    SirPenguin Helper Helper

    lemme join
  10. SlimShady_69

    SlimShady_69 Member VIP+

    dont feel like getting my ass beat no
  11. sup27778

    sup27778 New Member

    ez L esketit
  12. ownahoe

    ownahoe Member VIP+

    bro bet i suck at the pvp skill but um i will most def spectate my knee ga
  13. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

    a champion o'mine will appear at the event to represent random


    yeah whatever ill do it...
  15. finessedya

    finessedya Active Member MVP+

    ez im in
  16. Moneyslug

    Moneyslug New Member

  17. I'll join, free 1.5mil
  18. maxmilian

    maxmilian New Member

    i will maybe join in 7pm eastern time is 01:00 in the night in my country but i will prolly be awake then
  19. Calnex

    Calnex New Member

    (this is onomadek)

    ey bro i meant to join earlier but sign me the fuck up brotendo
  20. LoliHanta

    LoliHanta New Member

    Gib 1.5mil ill win
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