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Invalid spalw 2: electric boogaloo

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by ryanpro, Sep 22, 2019.

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  1. ryanpro

    ryanpro New Member

    Your IGN : ryanpro

    Player to be reported : spalw

    Player being reported Rank : Owner

    Describe your issue in detail : Adding on to my report from last time, since it wasnt denied or accepted.

    Since spalw is an owner, I know this won't go anywhere, and I will be told to get fucked, but here goes.

    Old part (still applies): At approximately 10:45 AM Eastern on 9/13/19 I made a comment replying to K0OK that if "he paid me 2,00,000" I would resign from cop, because he was wanting me to resign due to being a shit cop. He's not wrong about that. I promptly made another chat fixing a typo, changing 2,00,000 to 2,000,000. Here's where spalw comes in. He issues a 7 day warn for spam. I dare him to mute me. I promptly get a 5 minute ban for "ok". I get back on a few minutes later and spalw makes 3 chat about something, making 4 lines of consecutive chat. He included a threat to permban or permmute the next time I was muted. I, in my satirical ways, chat ">spalw warned for flood". I was muted indefinitely for "Being an asshole in chat- multiple warnings." I was warned once to my recollection in chat, by spalw, for the spam earlier. Chatting ">spalw warned for flood" is not being an asshole. Being an asshole is abusing abilities because you can.

    New part: On September 13th, 2019 at 11:30 AM Eastern, spalw made a comment, which is in the screenshot below. In that comment were things that never happened. First, saying that he warned me verbally. That did not happen, that was proved by the logs of which I supplied in my earlier comments. What also did not happen was: I was not flaming him, even though he said I did, never said anything about watching how I acted in chat. Also, he made a statement about muting me permanetly if I caught another mute. I can uderstand that, my history is dogshit. However, in his comment he said "and I said that if you did anything else in chat I would just permenantly remove your chat permissions." According to my log, he actually said "if you get muted again I'll just remove your chat perms".

    Then he goes and says "I stand by my previous statement - there are sections missing from these logs." There are not any "sections" missing from these logs. I'll even attach the file that they came from.

    Why do you feel this is worth a report : I feel that this is worth a report because not only, in my opinion, is spalw abusing his abilities (I'll even attach some screenshots of other players muted for the same thing, but I am also reporting spalw for lying, as proven in the last post I made (which I'll screenshot too).

    tldr: spalw says things that didn't happen.

    Attached Evidence here :

    Images 1-4 contain our last conversation, in case it gets deleted.

    Image 5 contains the three mutes from other users, sourced from the MCDrugs Mutes link.

    Images 6 and 7 contains my ban from Septemoer 13, and my mute from September 13th.

  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    I still stand by my previous statement - my point was that there were important context sections missing from the logs you provided and highlighted in your post. I didn’t necessarily mean that what you provided was innnacurate - however the way you framed your report and the paragraph itself was misleading and missing information.
  3. ryanpro

    ryanpro New Member

    Since there are "important context sections missing from the logs", would you like to provide us with said sections and other missing information?
  4. StopTakingUsernames

    StopTakingUsernames Active Member

    making a staff report is like trying to emotionally hurt a brick. it dosent work :p
  5. ryanpro

    ryanpro New Member

    Where's the important parts, spalw?
  6. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    We take staff reports very seriously, and you know that very well Snowman. We have demoted some of our best friends for misconduct on the server.
    However, in this case, it's absolutely trivial - and as per my previous statement:

    The situation was asbolutely handled in an appropriate manner.

    I'd like to add, that your general attitude towards the rules and the staff system is in very poor taste - you ignore common sense and always ask for "screenshots of the rule I broke" when you make poor decisions in game. This has not gone unnoticed from the staff team.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  7. ryanpro

    ryanpro New Member

    I'd like to add, that your general attitude towards the rules and the staff system is in very poor taste

    Ah, no. My general attitude towards the rules, and (most of) the staff is not poor. I mostly respect the rules, because I know what it's like to have rules set and have people disregard the rules. For instance, I'm a moderator of many communities on Reddit. I'll take iFunny for example. I implemented a rule that prohibited the use of a certain racial slur. I banned many people because of it. Again, I understand having people break the rules. I respect the rules here because, besides a few aspects of it, I like this community and server. 95% of the staff I like. The Admins, most of the Mods, and pretty much all of the helpers I like, besides one or two cough cough parrot4k

    If I ignored common sense I would have been banned within 24 hours of first joining. Also, I don't remember asking for screenshots of any rule that I broke. I do remember asking you for the alleged missing parts of my attached log, which you conveniently deflected.

    I'll even attach my log again so you can compare yours and mine.

    Attached Files:

  8. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Again - I completely stand behind my previous statement. You cannot completely devalue and disregard my statement of opinion which is shared amonsgt the staff team just because you have staff experience somewhere else.

    The fact is that many staff members have brought this up to us, and we agreed that your attitude was incredible poor; and your respect for staff was non-existant. This was absolutely clear in the situation that you're bringing up now, the conduct of yourself in this post - and even in the logs that you have provided.

    I still... stand by my previous two statements - and will not be commenting on this further. Another staff member will deal with this report formally if they deem it neccessary.
  9. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Based on all the logs I've seen - shown by both you and Spalw - you were in the wrong in this situation. You were given warnings, and continued to be annoying in chat, seemingly just for the purpose of being annoying. As mentioned, the log sections you supplied were cherry-picked as to not give a complete view of the situation. Any further attempt to argue about this will result in a ban from the forums.

    Report invalid.
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