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Invalid Staff abuse on 14Squared

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by BBQQ12345, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. BBQQ12345

    BBQQ12345 New Member

    Starting off with false banning of serknight02 from a video which was reported by thegrifter or a helper which also in the same factions as 14squared.

    When I asked and got alittle salty in chat he muted me, When I was unmuted I was talking to thegrifter then he muted me again for apparently ignoring him some how, msging the 14square ended up with a following ban.

    I just want looking for a solution for serknight02 due to his false ban but looks like 14square didn't want to unban him but wanted serknight02 the appeal which didn't make sense due to the video being VERY clear as day he want hacking, just want a fair chance without judgement just an understanding that I would like the staff to do there part and not what they feel.
  2. 14Squared

    14Squared Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP+

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