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SubiGang Farm Faction Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Najbuilders, Oct 11, 2019.

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  1. Najbuilders

    Najbuilders New Member

    Need Money? Dont want to build a farm just to have it destroyed? Join SubiGang and get Both with in days!
    We are a farming faction looking to grow bigger. We have limited Space in our walled up faction base which you will get access to, It is a 10 by 10, sky limit base with protected walls. Half is cactus farm already built. Other half can be farms you make, across the pond is Mod and up base. If we Like you and can trust you, we can have you come to the bigger base. Please use the format below:

    What you have to offer:
    Are you willing to be in charge of our member base, building it up, making sure everyone is following rules, and repairing it?
  2. smurf1212

    smurf1212 New Member

    Event_Horiz0n (2nd o is a zero)
    I am very patient and work well with other people. I played MC drugs a lot last summer but just got back into it recently.
    Yes, I would be willing to hold responsibility within the faction.
  3. Najbuilders

    Najbuilders New Member

    accepted, add me on discord and we add you to faction
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