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Suggestion: Loaning

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheDowJones, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. TheDowJones

    TheDowJones New Member

    If there's a plugin for money loaning I think a lot of people would use it as lots ask for money.

    If someone takes a loan of say 100k. The user could have a grace period in which the loaner allowes until the plugin automatically pays whatever the user owns and if there's interest. There could be a loan bank if the user who loaned it is offline while the loaned is paying into the bank and the owners get the money when he gets online.

    I've always wanted a loan system
  2. mhow

    mhow Member

    I have also always wanted a loan system. Would be nice to have a passive way to make money if you have a lot of it. Also would help new players who need to borrow money for projects like bases, grinders, etc.
  3. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    The thing about this is, what's to stop the person receiving the loan to just spend it all and chose to not pay it back.
    If what your suggesting is to have the server "console" to pay back the person who gave the loan, then that's flawed as people would just abuse this and simply duplicate money
    Now if the loan is to the server like in this screenshot https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/7e23d75c24a447abd199af2dcc7b0f1f-png.jpg considering this was said to become a thing this map I do think that it would be cool.
  4. mhow

    mhow Member

    Yea I understand that it would be very easy for players to take out loans and not pay them back. I think a credit score system would be cool. Like something similar to mule rep except it is based off if the players have been paying back loans by the due date. This would keep lenders from giving players large amounts of money that wouldn't get payed back.
  5. Aussie_Lover

    Aussie_Lover Helper Helper

    I know this is far-fetched and would be very hard to work out, but what if there was a security? One such idea could go something like this...

    If you are a loaner, you can open up the menu with /loan. You can see what loans you have posted and what active loans you are waiting to get payed back are. Should a recipient not pay back the loan within the set time limit (lets say 5 days), then the interest rate increases drastically (Interest goes up '200 + x + y%', where x is the original interest rate and y is the amount of days past the limit. After the time limit has double (in this example, 10 days), the loaner receives the following: all of the money out of the recipient's balance as possible (up to the amount owed), access to the top three most-used homes by the recipient, and access to the recipient's /ec, /pv, and inventory.

    How this might work:
    - A loan menu can be opened with /loan (9x9 menu).
    - At the top, it displays a row of buttons that are separate categories you can look in (each being a different range of money) in order to browse loans you can take. You can open up categories, choose one, click 'open loan,' then confirm it in a menu that explains the final details of the loan. As you exit the menu, a chat message is displays that reads the details of the loan, what will happen if you fail to repay the loan, and a command to type (such as '/cancelloan') to instantly return the money at 5% interest - however, if the player has somehow already spent the money they loaned out, they are locked into the loan and can only pay it back like normally.
    - In the middle/higher bottom, there are quick buttons they allow a player to easily list new loans (max of three loans at a time, more can be gained with higher ranks). Such buttons could be 5000, 10000, 25000, 100000, 250000, 500000, and 1000000 (which gives one space on each side to add to the aesthetic of the menu).
    - At the bottom, there would be two main buttons: "Loans" and "Debts."
    --- If you click on loans, it shows the current loans that you are offering. Paid loans ready to claim money for are green, outstanding loans are yellow, loans that are increasing interest after the initial due date are red, and finalized loans are magenta. Upon clicking on a green loan, you receive the money. If you click on a yellow loan, it just shows the details. Red loans will show the current interest level and the actual monetary value it equivilates to. If you click a magenta loan, it will open up another menu that has gives teleports to the homes, the /ec, the available /pv's, the balance, and the inventory of the recipients.
    --- If you click on debts, it shows the current debts you owe. You can click on a debt, Upon which will open up a menu that shows the details, allows you to pay off half of the outstanding debt at a 150% increase in interest, or pay off the full loan.

    The opening menu might look something like:
    (Use the key below for understanding)

    XXXXXXXXX X= Empty Space
    XXLXOXAXNXSX Loans = Title Space with letter heads, used to show what menu is open, purely decor
    XXXXXXXXX C1-7 = 7 Buttons for the different categories of loans to look through for the recipient
    X C 1 - 7 X P1-7 = 7 Buttons for the quick placement of loans by the loaner
    XXXXXXXXX L = Loans button for the loans you offer
    X P 1 - 7 X D = Debts you currently owe
    X L D X

    (Not sure why I took the time to type this, but hope this makes it through lol)

    EDIT: Just realized I made the menu without thinking of it being adjusted, sigh :(
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019 at 12:41 PM
  6. mhow

    mhow Member

    I doubt they are actually going to put in the effort to develop this, but I think you have some amazing ideas and would love to see this added to the server. I feel like a loan plugin that was well designed and had some complexity to it would add a lot to this server.

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