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TheWicked Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Jack, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Jack

    Jack Member MVP+

    As some players may know, a few maps ago, I was the leader of a faction called TheWicked, it eventually became one of the strongest factions on the server. I hope to revitalize this faction.
    Our faction currently has a farm base that you can use when promoted to member, with 9 levels of a 16x32 sugarcane farm, 4 levels of a 16x32 carrot farm, and an auto cacti farm that is being worked on. When you join TheWicked, not only will you eventually gain access to this base, you also get a community of friends that could help you on raids, or help you build your base.

    The application to join:
    How often do you play MCDrugs?:
    What can you contribute to this faction?:
    How can we learn to trust you?:
    How long have you been playing MCD?:
  2. carsonandrus22

    carsonandrus22 New Member

    IGN: ImNotGuud
    Age: 14
    Rank: Mule
    how often do you play MCDrugs: just started but I try to average 2-4 hours daily
    What can you contribute to the factions: I could help build farms, hidden bases, auto farms, and cool base desgins
    how can we learn to trust you: I can join discord and talk daily with all member to become friends and gain trust
    how long have you been playing: (playing Minecraft for 7) I started MCDrugs 5 days ago

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