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Update tutorial warp to include SWAT armor.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ChumChumx, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. ChumChumx

    ChumChumx New Member

    New players expect cops to look like this:

    Swat members, who can also do the above ^ and are not mentioned in the tutorial, they look like this: download (1).png

    The only unique piece of equipment is the helmet, which is going to look different depending on the players skin... I thought this was a donor or custom gear, and ran right into him.

    My suggestion is to update tutorial to include swat gear so players will be aware of what swat members look like before complaining about someone frisking them, not in the cop-armor described in the tutorial.

    I'd argue further that the diamond armor is too similar to player-worn armor, but I'm not going to bother against group-mentality, so be it.
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  2. humbleshorts

    humbleshorts New Member

    I do agree that people should be warned about SWAT but I am pretty sure the concept around SWAT was that it was harder to differentiate between player and cop. This gives more incentive for people to rank up to the higher levels. I could be wrong though.
  3. CodGlitchesHD

    CodGlitchesHD Member

    The diamond armour is intended so cops can go to the prison I believe but maybe it would be possible to replicate diamond armour stats on the default police leather with custom enchants such as prot 10, unbreaking 10 or whatever it would take to make it on par with whatever protection swat gear provides.
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