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Invalid Xraying Esp And Auto Shift


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im reporting Cimerys for exray esp and some kind of sneak hack cause he wass att my base mining and has soon i joined the server he sneaked and and hide his name he also have minded around my base and his loging on and off... his mined strainght down to my base yes its prot around some places but his mined aorund it i filled it up cause he logged and got to claim it but i think his suspicious...


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Bonjour, pour trouver votre basse j'ai utiliser le / F map car vous avec réclamer cet endroit une commande qui et mi à la disposition des joueurs et je suis accroupie cordialement Cimerys

Bonjour, pour trouver votre basse j'utilise la map / F map vous devez réclamer à cet endroit une commande qui et mi à disposition des joueurs et je me faufile cordialement Cimerys
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If the land is claimed, it is visible to any player who walks over it or uses the /f map command as Cimerys stated.

In addition, him logging on and off and holding shift might be more so you can't see him than anything, so unless there's solid proof of actual hacks then there's not much we can do.

Also, please use the player report format for any future reports, found here.

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