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The pit is a PvE and PvP experience unique to MCDrugs. Players can pay to open it for everyone on the server. While it’s open, players can fight mobs and bosses to get exclusive drops and Boss Souls to use on /bshop. There are multiple areas with different levels of difficulty, so any player can enjoy The Pit.

Accessing The Pit

Beyond The Surface, each level of The Pit is only accessible while The Pit is sponsored. Players can purchase Pit time from the MCDrugs Store, and sponsor The Pit to open it to all players for some time. During this time, every level of The Pit can be access by any player. Once the sponsored time ends, players will be teleported back to the spawn point of The Pit.

Sponsoring The Pit

The Pit can be sponsored by using Pit Access Vouchers while in The Pit world (/pit). These can be purchased from the MCDrugs Store or earned through DrugPass.

If The Pit is not already open, using a Pit Access Voucher will open The Pit for the time specified by the voucher. For the specified time, all players will have access to The Pit, and players can tip the sponsor $5,000 with /pit tip.

If The Pit is already open and you are the current sponsor, using a Pit Access Voucher will extend your sponsor time by the amount of time specified by the voucher.

If The Pit is already open and you are not the current sponsor, the sponsor time will be extended by the amount specified by the voucher, and you will be put on the sponsor queue, becoming the sponsor for the specified amount of time after other players' sponsor time runs out.

Boss Souls

Boss Souls are the fundamental reward of The Pit. They can be spent in /bshop for temporary store rank access, crate keys, and more.

Boss Soul Fragments are a smaller unit, one Boss Soul being equivalent to 32 Fragments. Boss Soul Fragments are much more common as drops in The Pit, and 32 Fragments can easily be converted into a Boss Soul in /bshop.

1-2 Boss Soul Fragments are commonly dropped by basic mobs. Mini-bosses will drop multiple Fragments. Bosses will also drop many Fragments, as well as directly rewarding the players who fought them with a total of at least 64 Fragments, through Soul Splitting.

Pit Mobs

All mobs in The Pit are custom, with special abilities, effects, and gear. Each mob is different, and some call for different fighting styles in order to defeat effectively.

Mobs Tiers

There are three tiers of mobs in The Pit: Basic Mobs, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses.

In order to have a boss spawn in The Pit, its respective Mini-Boss must be defeated a set number of times. Likewise, for a Mini-Boss to spawn, its respective basic mob(s) must be defeated a set number of times.

Basic Mobs

Basic mobs spawn from spawners around The Pit. They spawn in relatively large amounts, and are pretty easy to kill, having less than one hundred health points.

They may have very minor abilities, such as a chance to apply a short potion effect when attacking, or an occasional slight speed boost.

Basic mobs have a good chance to drop steak and golden apples. They will also rarely drop a Boss Soul Fragment.

After a certain number (usually 15-20) of a particular basic mob are defeated, that mob's respective mini-boss will be spawned at the location of the player that killed the last mob, and everyone in that area will be notified. Likewise, when the number of required kills is about to be reached, a warning message will be sent to everyone in that area.


Mini-Bosses are enhanced versions of basic mobs, and are much more difficult to kill, often with several hundred health points, increased defense, and increased damage.

Most mini-bosses have abilities that mimic some of the abilities of their respective boss, but are weaker and less common.

Mini-Bosses will drop multiple Boss Soul Fragments, launching them in random directions upon death.

After a certain number (usually 5-7) of a particular mini-boss are defeated, that mini-bosses' respective boss will be spawned at the location of the player that killed the last mini-boss. Everyone in the area is notified upon the spawning of a boss, as well as when the next mini-boss kill will trigger a boss spawn.


Bosses are the most difficult enemy in The Pit. Depending on the level of The Pit, a boss fight can range from requiring only one player with decent armour, to requiring multiple players with potions and the best gear. Bosses have up to two thousand health points, and the highest defense and attack damage of any mob in The Pit.

Each boss has multiple unique abilities and effects that result in each boss having a different style of fighting. This includes heavy melee attacks, ranged attacks, AoE attacks, potion effects, enhanced movement, and more.

Bosses drop anywhere from 32-128 Boss Soul Fragments, both as drops that are launched randomly upon death, as well as through Soul Splitting.

Levels of The Pit

The Surface

The Surface, consisting of The Swamp and the training grounds.

The Surface is a starting level, recommended for new players with very little gear. The Surface is always open, but the drop rates are very low, compared to the rest of The Pit.

Inventory is kept when dying on The Surface, and experience is kept.

The Depths

The Depths is the first area that requires The Pit to be open in order to access. This area is PvE only, and the mobs and bosses are relatively easy to defeat.

Bosses in The Depths will split 1.5 Boss Souls upon death, and spread an additional 8 Boss Soul Fragments drops.

Inventory is kept when dying in The Depths, but experience is lost.

The Depths is split into three areas. Each area has a different set of mobs and its own boss.

The Citadel

The Citadel.

The Citadel is on the left side of The Depths. This area is medieval-themed.

Regular mobs: Petrified Knight, Petrified Archer

Mini-Boss: Undead Paladin

Boss: Templar

The Badlands

The Badlands.

The Badlands is the middle area of The Depths. It is desert-themed, a reference to the original Pit from 2018.

Regular mobs: The Scorched

Mini-Boss: Mini Pit Brawler

Boss: Pit Brawler

The Fjord

The Fjord.

The Fjord is on the right side of The Depths. This area is viking-themed.

Regular mobs: Petrified Viking, Petrified Skyti

Mini-Boss: Draugr

Boss: Berzerker

The Abyss

This area is also PvE only, and the mobs and bosses here begin to get difficult.

Bosses in The Abyss will split 3.0 Boss Souls upon death, and spread an additional 16 Boss Soul Fragments drops.

Upon dying in The Abyss, your items will enter the Soul Vault. More info at Soul Vault

The Abyss is split into three areas. Each area has a different set of mobs and its own boss.

The Hearth

The Hearth.

The Hearth is on the left side of The Abyss. It features a basalt island surrounded by magma blocks.

Regular mobs: Flame Elemental, Infernal Soul

Mini-Boss: Giant Flame Elemental

Boss: Vulcan

The Den

The Den.

The Den is on the right side of The Abyss. It features an elevated out ring of land, surrounding an open platform.

Regular mobs: Hellhound

Mini-Boss: Cerberus

Boss: Cerberus Reborn

The Gate

The Gate.

The Gate is at the back of The Abyss. It is the passage to the lowest level of The Pit, The Void.

Regular mobs: The Damned

Mini-Boss: Dusk

Boss: Nyx

The Void

The Void.

Unlike other levels, The Void is not split into distinct areas. There are also no regular mobs, only mini-bosses and bosses. This means mini-bosses spawn directly from the spawners here.

Bosses in The Void will split 5.0 Boss Souls upon death, and spread an additional 32 Boss Soul Fragments drops.

PvP is enabled in The Void, and items will drop on the ground upon death, which can be picked up by other players.

The only mini-boss type is the Void Elemental. Void Elementals appear the same, but there are three different types, one for each boss in The Void. These different types have the same attributes, but each has minor abilities that mimic their boss.

Regular mobs: Void Elemental

Bosses: Famine, Void Golem, Void Psycho

The Forge

The Forge is used to create exclusive Pit items that will increase your mob-killing power and make it easier to grind mobs in The Pit. The Forge can be accessed from anywhere in The Pit with /forge.

Each boss in The Pit has a corresponding Forge item, with abilities that mimic those of the boss. Forge item requires 5 unique parts and one special soul, which has a chance to drop from the boss.

Parts 1-5

Five unique parts are required for each Forge item. These items have a chance to drop from the regular mobs and mini-bosses in the area of the boss corresponding to the Forge item. Part 1 is the most common, and rarity increases up to the fifth part.

Special Soul

The final part required for each Forge item is a special type of soul that is dropped from the corresponding boss. Each boss has its own special soul type. These special souls have a 1/4 chance of dropping from the boss upon its death.

Soul Vault

Death Drops

Upon death in The Abyss, your items will enter the Soul Vault. They will remain in the Soul Vault until they expire (after one hour), or you die in The Abyss again, and your items are overwritten.


To retrieve your items from the Soul Vault, you must pay one Boss Soul. Place a single Boss Soul in your inventory and use /soulvault. This will take your Boss Soul and open a menu containing your items. If you do not take all of the items, the remaining items will drop on the ground when you close the menu.

You may claim your items from the Soul Vault for free the first time.

Soul Loot

If your items expire or are overwritten, they are lost forever to the Soul Loot. This is the set of all expired and lost Soul Vault items. When any mob is killed, there is a 1% chance to drop a random items from the Soul Loot.

Loot and Drops

The rates and amounts of all drops and rewards will increase as you venture deeper into The Pit. Regular mobs and mini-bosses have a very small chance to drop an entire Boss Soul.

Boss Souls & Fragments

All regular mobs and mini-bosses have a chance to drop Boss Souls and Boss Soul Fragments.

Forge Item Components

All regular mobs and mini-bosses have a chance to drop a Forge item component corresponding to the Forge item of the mob's boss. For more info, see The Forge

Item Drops

All regular mobs and mini-bosses have a chance to drop steak and golden apples.

Money & EXP

All regular mobs, mini-bosses, and bosses in The Pit will reward money and EXP.

Gear Repairs

Killing mobs and bosses will ocassionally repair your gear. This includes the armour you're wearing, and the item in your hand. Regular mobs, mini-bosses, and bosses each repair your armour by different amounts.

Doing any damage to a boss in The Void also has a small chance to repair your gear.

Soul Splitting

When a boss is killed, the majority of the Boss Soul Fragments that they drop are put directly into the inventories of the players that damaged the boss.

Each boss has a set amount of Fragments that will be split, ranging from 64 to 128. The amount that each player gets is proportional to the amount of overall damage that player did. Dying will cause the player's share of damage on the boss to reset, and be redistributed among the living players who have damaged the boss.

For example, if:

  • A boss drops 64 Fragments.
  • Player1 did 50% of the damage.
  • Player2 did 40% of the damage.
  • Player3 did 10% of the damage.


  • Player1 earns 32 Fragments.
  • Player2 earns 25 Fragments.*
  • Player3 earns 6 Fragments.

*Due to some splits resulting in decimal amounts of Fragments, the amount is rounded down to the nearest whole number, and a small amount of Fragments may not be dropped