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The MCDrugs gameplay is highly economy-based. The server is focused around growing and selling drugs, and using the money to progress through ranks and build new farms and bases. Below you will find the way that the economy is set up along with a multitude of miscellaneous ways to make extra money.

How to Make Money

Drug Path

Farming Drugs

Farming drugs is the best way to make money on MCDrugs. You can view the items that are considered drugs using /drugs, along with prices for the various drugs in the same menu. When you have decided which drugs you would like to farm (find a ratio that you like of the amount of time a crop takes to farm in ratio with the value of the drug on /drugs), you can begin by building a farm for that crop and harvesting it to obtain more drugs.

Tip: The growth rates of automatic drugs are boosted in FarmA (/farma - automatic farm world), and manual crops are boosted in the FarmM world (/farmm - manual farm world). See worlds for more detail on the various worlds.

Selling Drugs

Once you have drugs, you need to successfully sell them in order to make money. To get to the main dealer, follow the redstone trail at spawn. There are also various other dealers that you can sell to for boosted percentages. If you have a donator rank (view store), or have prestiged (/ranks, and visit /warp tutorial to see which prestiges unlock dealers), you unlock the applicable dealers around spawn with boosted percentages. You can also find the Traveling Dealer (view traveling dealer), who moves around spawn for a 20% boost, or take the risk and sell at Prison for 20% boosted rates - however, be careful... PVP is enabled and someone may kill you and take your drugs!

Tip: After finding the location of the dealers initially, try to find various paths aside from the redstone trail that lead to them. There are many hidden paths, and this well help avoid the cops frisking you and taking your drugs!


Raw Drugs & Drug Combinations

Cop Path

Cop Summary

The Cop path on MCDrugs involves a different approach of "keeping the streets clean", where you can chase and frisk players that are trying to sell their drugs (/warp police). After obtaining the Smuggler rank, players are able to enroll into the Police force (/police enroll). Cops have a completely different set of ranks (/copranks), and get to work through them by catching other players and selling the confiscated drugs.

Frisking Players

Drug Caches




Player Shops

Miscellaneous Methods