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Sushi can be sold to Hiruko in Spawn.

Sushi is a great way to make even more profit from fishing. Custom crafting recipes allow you to turn your raw fish into different types of sushi, which can be sold to Hiruko in Fisher's Cove at Spawn for a greater profit than selling plain fish to Chuck.

Making Sushi

There is no cost to make sushi, but some special ingredients are required.


Sashimi can be made by placing any type of fish in a crafting table. One fish will yield one piece of sashimi of the used fish type.

Sliced Sashimi

Placing a piece of sashimi in the crafting table will create three sliced sashimi of the corresponding fish type. Sliced sashimi is used to make nigiri and maki, and cannot be directly sold.

Sushi Nori

Sushi nori is required for making nigiri and maki. It can be bought directly from Hiruko, but you can also make it yourself. To make sushi nori, first place three kelp into a workbench. This will create seaweed, which you can then smelt to create sushi nori.

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is required for creating nigiri and maki. Sushi rice is made by cooking raw sushi rice. Like Sushi Nori, raw sushi rice can be either bought from Hiruko, or made yourself. To make it yourself, purchase rice and rice vinegar from Hiruko, and place one vinegar and four rice in a crafting table. Once you have raw sushi rice, you can cook it in a furnace to get sushi rice.


Nigiri can be crafted with sushi rice and sliced sashimi.

Nigiri is made with sashimi slices and rice. To craft nigiri, place two rice and two of any type of sliced sashimi in a crafting table like so:

- - -
- S S
- R R

Where S is sliced sashimi, and R is sushi rice. The two sliced sashimi must be of the same fish type. This will create one maki of the used fish type.


Maki can be crafted with sushi nori, sushi rice, and a sliced sashimi.

Maki is made with sashimi slices, rice, and sushi nori. To craft nigiri, fill the bottom row of a crafting table with sushi nori, the middle row with sushi rice, and the top middle slot with sliced sashimi of any type, like so:

- S -

Where S is sliced sashimi, R is sushi rice, and N is sushi nori. This will create four maki of the used fish type.

Sushi Prices

Sushi Ingredient Prices

Some sushi ingredients can be purchased from Hiruko at Fisher's Cove.

Sushi Ingredient Prices
Sushi Item Buy Price
Rice $10.00
Rice Vinegar $25.00
Raw Sushi Rice $21.33
Sushi Nori $14.80

Sushi Sell Prices

Sushi can be sold to Hiruko at the Fisher's Cove. Unlike drug prices, sushi prices do not change. These are the prices that you can sell sushi to Hiruko at.

Sashimi Selling Prices Nigiri Selling Prices Maki Selling Prices
Sushi Item Sell Price Sushi Item Sell Price Sushi Item Sell Price
Cod Sashimi $30.75 Cod Nigiri $68.04 Cod Maki $28.34
Salmon Sashimi $73.80 Salmon Nigiri $108.12 Salmon Maki $33.47
Pufferfish Sashimi $141.96 Pufferfish Nigiri $171.58 Pufferfish Maki $41.59
Tropical Fish Sashimi $922.50 Tropical Fish Nigiri $898.26 Tropical Fish Maki $134.59