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Accepted Ban Appeal - Meleemelon

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Meleemelon, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Meleemelon

    Meleemelon New Member

    Member Name Meleemelon

    Ban appeals are for when we have made a mistake, or there has been a significant change in the circumstances.
    These are the only reasons a ban appeal would be accepted. Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied.

    In Game Name: meleemelon

    Length of Ban: 3days

    Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : minecraft tempban

    Staff who banned you : noodly

    Staff who dealt with you : noodly i guess

    Staff who have warned you previously : idk ive just been muted b4

    Reason for ban on record : admitting to xray

    Ive joked about xraying a few times i was joking not admitting im pretty sure someone just wanted to be a dick and report it .
    99% of the server hate me so they probably just screenshotted it to piss me off and get me banned.

    I was joking and a dickhead went ahead and reported it obviously because they hate

    You should unban me because i was joking obviously im fucking mvp i doubt id get myself banned just like that.

    I wont troll again.

    Because i learnt my lesson i wont troll again this is a waste of time for everyone.

    If you are an admin watching this you probably know who i am and hate me so you will keep me banned but please unban me dont bias. If you look at the proof it will be obvious i was joking.
  2. NoodlyApendage

    NoodlyApendage Admin Staff Member Admin 2017 Map Founder MVP+

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  3. Meleemelon

    Meleemelon New Member

    ye, the parkour map is made of invisible block so i trolled and said i thought it was my xray. thats so dumb . ive said things like that like 5 times but i guess it only needed a dickhead to not take the joke and report me.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
  4. Meleemelon

    Meleemelon New Member

    sooo??? it was obviously a troll because of the invisible parkour map like chill i say things like that everyday. ill stop now i dont hack
  5. Meleemelon

    Meleemelon New Member

    can someone answer
  6. CSDrago

    CSDrago Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Hi, I personally don't know much about all this, and am currently busy in school. So I'm going to leave it to noodly for the decision on this, I know the wait is annoying but he should respond to this in the coming hours. Have a good one
  7. Meleemelon

    Meleemelon New Member

    i know whats coming if he takes the decision....
  8. jrd3044

    jrd3044 AsstToTheOwner Staff Member AsstToTheOwner

    Ban Appeal accepted, sorry for the wait.

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