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Diligents Faction Application 2017

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by C_GESSEL, Nov 30, 2017.

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    C_GESSEL New Member

    The Diligent Prosper

    "The Diligents" is a tight-knit faction that occupies many hidden farms, and supplies its members with the best equipment we can get our hands on.

    1. Use common sense - We're here to stay and grow, don't let outsiders in the base, or let outsiders tp to you. Don't attack or raid allies/truce factions and don't alter the base unless one of the leaders says it's ok
    2. Don't be a Douche - kinda going along with common sense, just don't be a douche, don't take things that aren't yours, don't ruin stuff, be courteous, respect faction members, etc.
    3. Do your best to contribute - There is a discussion board in the faction home where you can post ideas or chat about whatever you want, make sure to farm often, and contribute drugs to the community chests in the faction home whenever is convenient
    4. Don't destroy and/or take anything that is not yours: No explanation needed for this one.

    The diligent prosper. By diligently farming, building up resources, and defending our farms and homes, we grow and get stronger. Breaking a rule makes us responsible to either remove you from the faction or take other actions depending on the offense.

    Ready to apply?? Easy, just fill in answers to the prompts below.

    In-Game Username:
    Timezone (Optional):
    How often can we expect you to be online?:
    Faction History (If any):
    What do you expect to gain by joining our team?:
    What made you decide to apply for the faction:
    Last space open for anything you'd like us to know about you:
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    iPansycake02 New Member

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