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Everyone has their time.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Snipplez, Dec 16, 2018.

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  1. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    Now I suppose it's my time, and listen I know I'm kind of doing the same thing that Minecraftlord10 did here but fuck off there are a few people I would like to mention.

    SnowmanMeltsYou: We were enemies near the beginning of the map and took turn raiding eachother but shit changes over time and you have ended up becoming one of my best friends on McDrugs and one of my closest allies.
    _Scottish_: Definately one of my closer more trusted officers and a good friend of mine that I am glad to have spent my time on McD with.
    ZeroTheKidd (4314): A good friend of mine and one that started strong with me when I first started my new faction Jewce, and had put in basework when me and Snow were too lazy XD
    PH_DerpFinn: Someone I had met early on in my time spent on this server and a friend that I won't soon forget.
    SlawfG: Ah, I still remember the old days when you were in Obey and we were both fairly new. I had just brought you into my new factions as well. Sorry it had to end so soon friend.
    NightSiege: While I've never really liked you and we have been enemies for a long while we're both toxic cunts and I respect you as an adversary
    Camper1233(NarcoDarko): Make sure to click this nicotine fiend's sweatcoin link. <3
    ColdTranquility: You are a good friend of mine and I'll never forget our first duels.
    Noodly: You are munted. Pure and absolute munt.

    And to my now inactive friends: PimpJuice (Joel), Xeoum, TheMVPforeal, and Jibbus, im sorry that your time had come before mine and I will still miss you.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  2. TwerkFest

    TwerkFest Mod Staff Member Moderator

    I don't think Minecraftlord10 left because he got perma banned.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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  3. NoodlyApendage

    NoodlyApendage Admin Staff Member Admin 2017 Map Founder MVP+

  4. ItzRandomName

    ItzRandomName New Member

    First ConquestWorstFac quitting the server after loosing to me in pvp now you LMAO its just I guess
  5. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    But you ran away for a solid 15 minutes both times hmmm
  6. Vasdev

    Vasdev Member MVP

    no mention ow that hurts
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  7. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Goodbye posts for perm bans are very distasteful. But so was most of everything you ever said or did in chat.

    You were in control is this situation, don't act like you weren't.
  8. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

    Ur shit you dumbass random
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
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  9. Puppy_Killer

    Puppy_Killer Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder MVP++

    Where is my shoutout? Im offended
  10. 4314

    4314 New Member

    Kind of ironic that you are banned for being a nuisance when its a drug server, Sad when someone actually tries to shake up the server a bit they get banned. Ive played since 2015, i mean you allow the players to say nigger lol i dont think being a nuisance should be a bannable offence 2017 map Smash clan was one of the most toxic mother fuckers but they didnt get banned, wanna know why? Because they had the staffs cock in their mouth. I understand its their server they dont give a fuck but come on its actually pathetic.
  11. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Being banned for "being a nuisance" is probably poor wording.

    I would say "Consistent and relentless disregard for the server and chat rules, with no intention to improve" is a better fit. I don't think your post accurately captures the situation.
  12. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

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  13. p0six

    p0six Well-Known Member MVP+ PvP Tournament (Not Winner)

    lol this guy believes in free will
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  14. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    Distasteful? AH, my apologies good sirrah!
  15. 4314

    4314 New Member

    Your Administrator used "being a nuisance"
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  16. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    That’s exactly why I clarified the matter.

    Do you guys have anything constructive to say, what so ever?

    I’ll be locking this thread, otherwise.
  17. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    Uhhhmmm. Bye, shit server, tons of glaring issues I've attempted to raise with the staff team, owners clearly don't care that so much shit is fucked up, examples include potbug in kitpvp and tnt mechanics being fucked up. But it's okay, once iiscopes's donation money runs out the server will be starving again and hopefully you guys will wake up and fix your shit. Go trip spaljew.
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  18. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    See you on the reset, buddy.
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