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I have a good way to get to the drug house

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Quackster, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. Quackster

    Quackster New Member

    So Ive played non stop with my friend for a couple days and we have came up with a couple ways to get to the drug house without getting aressted. So
    1. Go out the back of spawn
    2. Go to the woods and on the path to the top of the mountion
    3. once you make it to the cave then go around it to the side of the houses and find the house with a latter and climb it
    4. If there are guards staying on the point get a friend with no drugs to distract them then you run inside
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  2. Xeoum

    Xeoum Well-Known Member MVP

    Great tip!
  3. ThorpePark

    ThorpePark Retired Staff Retired Staff VIP

    Now the cops know the routes!
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  4. Acmon

    Acmon Active Member MVP+

    An easier idea that a bunch of the drug mulers and I today have done is grab an invis potion and make sure you don’t have armour on and head to the houses. (hugging walls) You could add a speed potion on with the invis if you want peak efficiency. There could be better ways though.

  5. Xeoum

    Xeoum Well-Known Member MVP

    To get three thousand muler reputation points, on /mule top: Use Invisibility and Speed II, then run across the ice in the park to achieve SONIC SPEED, and finally, walk right into the drug house and somehow manage to do that same process sixty times in a row!
  6. Acmon

    Acmon Active Member MVP+

    You risk running right into cops with that path though do you not?
  7. MalachaiJoe

    MalachaiJoe Member MVP+

    It is a horrible idea to post your drug selling routes on the forum. Now the cops know which way you go.
  8. Acmon

    Acmon Active Member MVP+

    Understood, there are such few routes the cops (mostly) know each route already. It’s a matter of speed and seeing how many are on and watch which areas they’re guarding.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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