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mule jobs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Minecraftlord10, Sep 7, 2018.

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  1. Minecraftlord10

    Minecraftlord10 Active Member Contributor III MVP+

    Hey guys today i had an idea for mule jobs. since it is really fucking annoying to spam click thru all the mule jobs just to find out which one are available so i had one of two ideas I think we should either let people mule when the seller is offline or have it so it show offline when they are offline. post what you think in the comments.

    Thanks -Minecraftlord10

    credit: creepercraft48
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  2. Creepercraft48

    Creepercraft48 New Member

    This is a great idea just one more input I have another option it dosent show the mule job when there offline and when they go back online it show up again
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  3. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

    krom agrees
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  4. Cig4r

    Cig4r New Member

    I agree
  5. ColdTranquility

    ColdTranquility Member VIP+

    i have a alternative. You know how when you reach like 100 or something rep, you auto accept jobs? Well a cool adon would be that at 300 rep (It can be changed), you have the ability to accept offline users jobs.
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  6. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    I believe its 50 right now (which isn't high at all) I'd like if that was raised to like 120 or something and make offline players like 300.
  7. ColdTranquility

    ColdTranquility Member VIP+

    Do you like the idea it’s self?
  8. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    Yeah but maybe the numbers could be tweaked is what I'm saying.
  9. ColdTranquility

    ColdTranquility Member VIP+

    Yea I mentioned how it can be changed to different values.
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