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Narcotic faction recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Jack Rabbit, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit New Member

    • Do not TP non-faction members to/around faction land, or land a faction member let you teleport to.
    • Don't cause conflict with allied/truce factions. This can result in a kick from the faction.
    • Respect your faction members. Do not grief them. This is a punishable offense.
    • Anything you harvest- REPLANT. Complaints by faction members because you're not replanting will be handled via /mail. You will be demoted or kicked if this isn't resolved.
    • Once other players get to know you and trust you, they may allow you to use their farms. That being said, don't be annoying about it.
    • Don't be a douche.
    • Recruits/members will not be kicked from the faction for being inactive. If you know you are going to be inactive, please notify an officer.
      • NOTE: Factions automatically remove members after 30 days of inactivity. I have no control over this. If you would like to be re-invited, /msg chickenchit in game; There is a high chance you will start out as a recruit again.
    • Faction members can be kicked without warning if we suspect you are only in our faction to inside.

    Please do not ask to be promoted. You will be notified when your rank has been changed.

    Ranks go as followed:

    Recruit - [Recruit]
    Member - [Member]
    If you're a cop (please specify in your application)
    Recruit- [Cop] (recruit)
    Member - [Cop] (member)

    If you cannot follow the guidelines, you will be notified and then demoted or kicked.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask!
    (If any of this information changes, you will be notified via message of the day in-game.)
    We will expect for you to have read through and understand the guidelines.

    Officers that are allowed to respond to this thread:
    Don't post on this thread unless you're interested in our faction.

    Application Template: Copy and Paste this template into your reply.
    (bolded items indicate required answer)
    Note*: Please spell your in-game name correctly.
    In-Game name:
    Drug Rank / Cop Rank (include donor rank if you have one):
    Online time? (type /ot in game):
    How often do you play?:
    What other factions have you been in
    What can you bring to the faction (do you pvp/build/etc):
    Why do you want to join the faction:
    Do you understand the rules/guidelines?:
    Player that recommended you to the faction:

    Minimum rank is: Grower

    Disclaimer: Don't annoy officers in the faction to look at your application or it will be denied automatically.
  2. Itz_Deaths

    Itz_Deaths Member VIP

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