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New drug/ or possibly an existing drug in a non smelted form!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nexus_PlayzYT, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Nexus_PlayzYT

    Nexus_PlayzYT Member VIP

    OK so my idea that AKAjabroc and I had came up with along with Unteachable, we have had the idea that maybe regular cactus could be sold for about 3-5$ a piece so would be one of the lowest drugs on the server, however I think making the prices a bit more similar to how they were before would be nice. But I think that there should be maybe like 5 new drugs that could hopefully be added that can make a differencr for the server, I hope you guys can hear me out!

    Thank you have a good day.
  2. GotEdit

    GotEdit Admin Staff Member Admin VIP+ Contributer II

    Players who sell their drugs make us change the prices of them; this makes it more challenging as people will have to differ their farms instead of getting really rich of one drug throughout the whole map.

    There is a challenge for selling Cactus Green (Kush) and it makes it harder for people to sell that drug as they have to find/buy lots fo fuel to smelt it down. You can upgrade it to Lime Dye (Enhanced Kush) if you combine the Cactus green with bonemeal. I doubt this feature of adding Cactus as a whole new drug would happen as it would defeat the purpose of having to wait a bit longer for the item to smelt.

    If you are going to suggest to add more drugs, then suggest what the item would be, which drug it would be and how much it would sell for. You would have to reason this, as well.

    Kind regards,
  3. Nexus_PlayzYT

    Nexus_PlayzYT Member VIP

    ok well I mean my idea you just answered it would be just unsmelted cactus green but it would be for the rock-bottom price but I will look up some videos to find out maybe a couple drugs that could be added where some are smeltable and some aren't
  4. l_Satan_l

    l_Satan_l Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Even still, normal cactus will still crash the economy due to the mass amounts it makes, I mean some people put a lot of effort into the farms and create about a dub per 10 minutes, generally it'll crash the economy regardless of the price, the only way it would sound good is if it was sold for 0.50 per 1. We allow cops to sell unsmelted cactus as it gives them the ability to raid cactus farms, though that being said, if they're caught leeching off the said farm they will be demoted to Junky as it's the same rules apply for farms.

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