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Police - A Complete Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by tntngames101, Oct 19, 2018.

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  1. tntngames101

    tntngames101 New Member

    The Complete Policeman's Guide


    There is, as it is, a single other guide directed towards police, and it is now (sadly) outdated. I've served as a cop on and off for a decent while. I may not be the most experienced or most fit to write a guide like this, but any guide directed to a struggling cop will be of some value. This guide will also remain open to criticism and I will do my best to edit it off the comments of others. Thank you, and here follows my best advice on how to be a policeman.

    In MCD.

    The Basics
    Whether you've just done /police enroll, got called gay, and are instantly beginning to regret it, or you're stuck on a medium rank and don't know what to do, there are a set of rules that should be followed. These rules aren't enforced in any way, but they'll help you be as efficient as possible in your duty and in your profit.

    Be patient.
    There will always be another catch. It may take as little as a minute or as much as an hour. It might slip your grasp in laugh in your face. It may shred you with an auto and dance on your corpse. No matter what, who, or when it is, it will come, and it will likely be worth your time. In any case, it'll always be faster than actually farming drugs.
    Have humility.
    People will take your stance as an opportunity to poke you. When you miss, you'll get laughed at and crouched on. When you land a hit and take their haul, you'll get your feet stomped on and your position revealed. When you fail to see an invisible player, you'll have their little particles dancing around your head until they grow bored. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes and play the game just because you enjoy it, and you'll earn a lot of respect.
    Be aware.
    As it is, it can be difficult to earn your pay as just a policeman. However, there's never just one option, especially in MCD. You can always go fishing, gamble a bit, search the wild for valuable coordinates, follow any current events to earn some rewards, brew some liquor, or hop in the pit if it's open. There's always another way to make money - just make sure everything you do complies to server rules. There are things police cannot do, so keep those in mind.

    With those rules in mind, you should be prepared to continue your journey. This, of course, includes hunting down druggies.

    The Hunt
    There's many types of druggies, but they all have one thing in common - at some point, their drugs have to take a route to go to a salesman. This is where you come in. Of course, there's always tactics, so keep on alert and stay informed.

    The Salesmen
    In the current version of MCD, with the current map, there are two salesmen areas.

    Drug Dealers

    and Esteban.

    In the following route guides, I will mention which each goes to. Keep in mind that Prison always has PvP enabled and the Drug Dealers house multiple salesmen due to legacy donation perks.

    The Routes
    The biggest disclaimer for routes is that no guide can fully describe them all. In this, I give you an outline so that you may understand them, find them yourself, and study them. Experience conquers all, so just playing should be the best way to learn the routes.

    These are routes that are clearly used extremely often and will be your go-to spots. For any Drug Dealer routes, your best bet to hide in is over the dealers themselves in a nearby tree, or in a bottleneck they go through. Note that there are no images as this single post cannot support them.

    Route 1: The Redstone Trail
    Length: Short
    Starting point: Dead straight from spawn
    Goes to: Drug Dealers

    Route 2: The Jungle
    Length: Medium-short
    Starting point: To the left of spawn, through the variety of jungle trees
    Goes to: Drug Dealers

    Route 3: The Mountain
    Length: Medium-Short
    Starting point: Right of entrance to the cave to the left of spawn
    Goes to: Drug Dealers

    Route 4: The Cave
    Length: Medium-Short
    Starting point: The cave entrance to the left of spawn (make sure to not go down the path with the sign that says "mine" on it, it leads to /warp mines.)
    Goes to: Drug Dealers

    Route 5: The Lava Cave
    Length: Long
    Starting point: The cave entrance to the right of spawn
    Goes to: Esteban (Back of Prison Entrance)

    Obscurities are routes that you should be aware of but mostly remain entirely unused by the druggie population and should not be specifically camped.

    Route 6: The Warp Tunnel
    Length: Long-Extreme
    Starting point: A small home in the hills to the right of spawn
    Goes to: Esteban (Back of Prison Entrance)

    Route 7: Prison front
    Length: Medium-Long
    Starting point: The back of Police Town
    Goes to: Esteban (Front of Prison Entrance)

    If you are aware of any routes I missed, please post them in a comment and I will do my best to add them. Keep the format, if you can - it makes my job a bit easier.

    The Tactics
    A great many tactics exist for evading the police. Some are common while others remain mostly unused. Some can be beaten, others simply boil down to pure luck. Any of them can be combined & modified, so stay alert.

    Potions are extremely common and can be easily used to better a druggie's chances of escape. The most common one is Invisibility, and Speed II is a close second. To counter it, watch out for the particles they leave on the ground and around their character.

    Distractions come in many forms - some are false players holding little to no drugs running at the same time as the real hauler, while others are ploys to distract the cop using conversation in chat. To counter it, stay alert and instantly deny any fishy-sounding chat while getting ready to strike.

    Search & Disclose
    Occasionally, a druggie might reveal your position to open chat or to their faction. This often happens after you frisk them as a moot form of revenge, while others times it may be by an intentional scout pretending to have a haul to draw out officers. To counter it, try to stay hidden the best you can.

    Factions often send 2 or 3 members to go with the druggie with the haul to hopefully trick the cop into frisking the wrong one and getting by as their frisk cool down keeps them restrained. To counter it, get lucky and try to target any odd-men-out to mildly increase your odds.

    MineCraft Drugs is a vicious place. People will swear, cheat, lie, and hurt to get at the next step in their plan or to earn more money. I've been guilty of it myself from time to time. There will be people you won't defeat, and they will remain out of your reach. Try to keep in mind that it's all just an server, that those people likely aren't evil outside of out little game, and that we're all one community. After all the factions, leaders, underlings, slavery, drama, moderation, balancing, and weird nicknames, we're all just a group of people trying to have a bit of fun.

    And, in any case, it'll all come crashing down in May.

    Duty calls,

    (P.S. I am fully aware Police houses & brewing are a thing. They were intentionally ignored for a variety of reasons.)

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