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Repave The Road!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrpyCrftr, Mar 11, 2019.


Create the road again next map?

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  1. CrpyCrftr

    CrpyCrftr Helper Helper

    As some of you may know, there is a road that spans quite a way across /wild. The Road paves it's way across and through the map, stopping at nothing. The Road cuts through mountains, old bases, and whatever else is in it's way.

    QuinnDaeli, JALJC, and I have started an effort to repave and continue building The Road. We are looking for donations towards our non-profit effort as well as others who would like to join the movement to repave and extend The Road before the map is done!

    Our Goals:
    • Pave the road all the way to the end of the map
    • Set up little rest stops where you can get food and water
    • Place rails along the entire length of the road for people to travel on
    • Create a faction called RoadMaintenance that is specifically for road repairs and building (and claiming rest stop areas)
    • Repave the road!
    Our Needs:
    • Funding (enough for rails (56k rails with powered rails at 8 block increments), cobble, and redstone torches)
    • Workers! Anyone who wants to help can help with paving, constructing, and excavating for The Road. I am aware that some people are always looking for something to do on MCD so this is the perfect thing to keep you busy bodies active!
    • Truces (if/when RoadMaintenance is made an official faction)
    With the help of the community, this undertaking can be completed quickly and be done before the map resets! We also hope that you guys will join us again next map to recreate the road (or skybridge).

    We hope that you all will join us!

    If you have any questions, /mail any of us or DM us on Discord!
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  2. CvxZo

    CvxZo Member VIP

    Wait there is a road? We needa advertise this cause I didn’t even know this lmao.
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  3. QuinnDaeli

    QuinnDaeli New Member

    The Road begins at 0,0 in wild. It runs on Z=0 and outward on the X-axis
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