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SinisterDrugs Faction Application

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Renegade1223, Nov 27, 2017.


Do you think we are going to get big?

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  1. Renegade1223

    Renegade1223 New Member

    We are a growing faction with high hopes. We need players to protect the big faction home. We also need the power so we can claim more land. The base at the moment is a 5x5 chunk area from bedrock to the 256 limit. All you need right now is discord. I will interview on discord and see if you are worthy of being in this growing faction. Reply with your discord and your ign. Hope to see you in the faction.
  2. DemoPotato

    DemoPotato New Member

    ign - AlexisSonicGamer
    discord- Demopotato
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