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Invalid This guy

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by EliteXRiot, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. EliteXRiot

    EliteXRiot New Member MVP+

    Better get a seven day ban.

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  2. Qijujujiste

    Qijujujiste New Member MVP+

    nani i already got a 1 day mute for saying stan lee has a cameo in infinity war

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  3. Ace42986

    Ace42986 Admin Staff Member Admin MVP+ Contributor III

    dont be fucking ass holes and spoil / fake spoil stuff use some common fucking sense
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  4. Qijujujiste

    Qijujujiste New Member MVP+

    I personally don't see how jokingly saying a character from a completely different company/universe is in a Marvel movie is a spoiler. I especially don't see how that makes me an asshole.

    Furthermore, I don't see how saying Stan Lee is in Infinity War, who makes a cameo in every single Marvel movie, is a spoiler / fake spoiler.

    The only people who would have the movie "spoiled" are those who have no understanding of the Marvel universe.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
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