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We are very excited to announce that the 2020 MCDrugs Reset will be on May 8th!

2020 Reset
For those who have not been around for any of our previous resets, here's a quick outline of how they work:
  • On the reset date, May 8th, we will be transitioning to a new map. This means a new spawn world, wild world, and farm world.
  • All player progress on the current map will be reset (but it is still worthwhile to continue playing this map, keep reading below!) This means everything, including ranks, money, mcMMO skills, etc.
  • Donator ranks and nicknames will be carried over to the next map. This includes temporary ranks purchased from /bshop. A system similar to last year's will be in place to ensure that everyone gets their donator rank at the start of the new map as quickly as possible.
  • Other donator items (keys, boosters, pit time, etc.) will not be carried over - use them before the reset!
  • Bans and other punishments will be cleared for every player. Blacklist bans, however, will not be lifted.
The annual server reset has been a core aspect of the identity of MCDrugs. We believe that bringing everyone to an even playing field once a year is the best way to keep the server fresh and give newer players the perfect opportunity to catch up. As always, we have a ton of new features and improvements that will launch with the new map, thanks to the hard work of our staff team over the past few months. We'll be revealing some of these new features leading up to the reset on May 8th, so keep an eye out for them on our website and Discord.

The Remainder of The 2019-2020 Map
Click here to read our earlier post for an overview of our plans for April and the remainder of the current map.

Reset Fund
The Reset Fund is returning again this year. It is a...
Hello everyone,

As some of you are aware, our work cycle for the new map is well underway. We're making great progress, and we are already so excited to share with you all what we have been working on. However, given the current climate - we have decided the following:

We will be diverting some of our development time to introducing New Content for the current map. This is extremely unusual for us, to spend development time towards the end of the map cycle. But we know that so many of you are stuck at home, and want to enjoy MCD, but as the map is soon coming to a close, many players are left wanting more.
  • We will soon be holding Mid-Week events regularly, over the next few weeks.
  • A casino game which was developed for next map will be pushed out early onto the current server in the next few days for you all to enjoy.
  • We will continue to endevour to add new and exciting content over the next few weeks to give you all something to really focus on and enjoy MCD, as if it were a new map launch.
Thank you all so much for the support.
Keep an eye on our discord, the forums and in game for any news.

From the MCD Staff Team,
Stay Safe,
Grow, Sell, Excel.


Founder's Bundle Pre-Orders are now available!
Gold Pre-Order
Stand Pre-Order
Pre-Orders will be available until the day of the map launch
I thought it might be fun to share what I often do. I love statistics, especially when it comes to Casino games, so I tend to build a lot of statistics functionality to my games. Therefore, I have almost endless data when it comes to the casino.

This video is just a brief look at some of the most interesting stats.
I hope you enjoy it :)

December and here, and along with it comes our annual Holiday Festivities!

We're been working hard on making tons of new content for the holiday season this year, and there's tons of ways to earn rewards.

Holiday Drug Pass
Drug Pass is back, and with an entirely new format! Check it out on the server with /drugpass. The Holiday Drug Pass will run until January 5, and has 75 tiers to progress through, with a reward at every tier, plus premium rewards at every tier for those who upgrade to premium (/drugpass premium).

Main Challenges
Instead of new challenges every week, all main challenges are now available from the start. These challenges are mostly based on participating in holiday events and exploring spawn. Check them out on /drugpass

Daily Challenges
We've dropped the weekly challenges, which many players believed were too grindy or difficult. They have been replaced by daily challenges, which are similar, but easier. You get 7 daily challenges every day, each rewarding 20 XP. Complete them all for 140 XP every day.

Holiday Gift Exchange
Feeling generous this holiday season? Give one random online player a random gift with the Holiday Gift Exchange Present! Each present is $0.50 on our store, but can go as low as $0.35 when buying in bulk. Not only does a random player get a gift, but you also get a Gift of Giving for each gift you give. Gift of Givings can be traded in, at the end of the Holiday season, for very exclusive rewards. Not only can you get rewards for trading in Gift of Givings, but the top three most generous players, those who gave the most gifts, will receive huge prizes!

Holiday Present Hunt
Around spawn, 500 presents have been hidden. You'll get an exclusive reward for every 5th present you find, and the rewards get better the closer you get to finding 500. The present...