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    OhChit Faction Application[Closed]

    In-Game name: SlightlyWet64 Age: 18 years old Drug Rank / Cop Rank: Chemist Donor Rank: Online time? (type /ot in game): 137 hours and 17 minutes. Discord: Drilpudding555#9094 Timezone?: Central European Summer Time (CEST) How often do you play?: I can't give u a exact amount of hours per week...
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    Eden Faction Recruitment

    Ingame Name: My ig name is Slightlywet64. Age: I'm 18 years old. Time Zone: CEST (Central European Summer Time) Drug Rank: Smuggler. Online Time (/ot): 25 hours and 42 minutes. Do you have discord: Yes i do have discord. (Drilpudding555#9094) Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no...