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    I miss Mcdrugs and being helper

    Hey guys its TastyMcPancakes i really missed the server, but my account got hacked. Really it was hard and it stil hard for me, thanks guys for making me staff and i really enjoyed helping people and playing mcdrugs. All i want to say is thank you guys, and thank you mcdrugs, I really missed you...
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    Helper Account Hacked

    Sorry guys for not login in my account got hacked. Bye Mcdrugs -TastyMcPancakes
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    Helper Application Changes

    Yea It Seems Better :D Good Chance Everyone
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    The Server Can Have Some Robots Cops?

    Is there a plugin that can make robot cops it would be nicer and ppl will need to escape as hard as possible xD I wish you found or make something like this xD thanks for reading this
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    Tag Suggestions

    [❤ℬae❤] [☠Pirate☠] [☯Kungfu☯] [❁ℛainbow❁] [☾Moon☽] [✩Star✩] [✔Verified✔] [ツHappyツ] [♬Music♬] [❧Killer❧] [ΩCleverΩ] [♡Friendly♡] [☃️SnowMan ☃️ ] Those Are The Best Tags
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    The Halloween Twins

    MasonYT nice can i be your brother LOL
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    Halloween 2017

    NIcee it's cool
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    Im back

    Welcome Back :D
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    Tier 6 horse giveaway

    IGN: TastyMcPancakes Rank: Chemist Can I Have it xD give me just a tier 3 mule xD its good for me lol
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    Tier 6 horse giveaway

    IGN: TastyMcPancakes RANK: CHEMIST