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Hive Faction Recruitment


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Ingame name: Shadowman362

Age: 19

Drug Rank: Chemist

Online time (/ot): 29hr (I played Mafia for about a year, the server Alanna ran with Ned as Head Mod)

Time zone: EST

Can you meet the discord requirement? Yeah i'm in discord all the time

In a few short words, why do you feel The Hive is right for you? FriSauce recommended I apply to you guys, he was pretty chill. Other factions seem a little toxic, hive doesnt just open their mouths 24/7. I haven't seen or heard anything bad about you guys so far. In my time on Mafia I was with a top faction with the guy Darkh or DamienDarkh forgot which was his ingame and which was his skype. I used to record videos of megatron and his clan hacking to get them banned before a couple massive resets then Ned was tping my faction out to make new bases. I'll have free time aside from school and dnd, im only taking two classes this semester and currently job hunting.
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Ingame name: merry_muffin

Age: 21

Drug Rank: Mass Producer (MVP++)

Online time (/ot): 45hrs

Time zone: GMT +10 (Australian)

Can you meet the discord requirement? Yes, I'm active on discord and also have a mic

In a few short words, why do you feel The Hive is right for you? I really enjoy grinding and will be doing a lot off it because of COVID. I also like the community you guys have built and would love to be a part of it and help in anyway i can :)
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Ingame name: Gamaer123

Age: 14

Drug Rank: Grower

Online time (/ot): 62 hours, 51 minutes

Time zone: CET

Can you meet the discord requirement? Yes

In a few short words, why do you feel The Hive is right for you?

I am a very active individual, the reason my OT is so low is that I took a break from the server. I am willing to grow, harvest, and sell all drugs given to me. I love PVP and I am getting decent armour as we speak. I can do anything that is expected of me and I hope that I can be a part of the hive.


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Welcome to The Hive application page

The Hive is a faction lead by Left0ne and Dubzeer with one goal in mind: Prevail. Shedding its previous identity, The Hive strives to evolve and provide for its members in ways other factions have not. We are not the faction for everyone. The way we are building the faction does not work for everyone, but if you share the vision of one goal, and dream of breaking the MCD wheel, then feel free to apply.


Your rank this late/early into the map will be largely irrelevant in the evaluation, but drug rank of Kingpin or Police rank of Commander is preferred

Discord with the ability to either talk or type out an interview

/ot at least 80 hours on the server. More is better

Pass a /history with minimal or infrequent infractions

Maturity is something we value in this faction, for we plan to be working as a group, for the group. This faction will not stand for toxicity in any compacity. Any individual who clash against this ideology will not become part of The Hive.

Please use the following template below for your application:

Ingame name: chengzztpl

Age: 18

Drug Rank: KingPin

Online time (/ot): 102hrs

Time zone: Pacific

Can you meet the discord requirement? Yes I can

In a few short words, why do you feel The Hive is right for you? I have good knowledge on how factions work, I feel I could be great asset to the team. I am good with redstone such as TNT Cannons. I can do anything you ask and will grind to help The Hive. Thankyou for reading my application I hope to be a part of the team

The review process for your application should happen within 3 days. If you come under consideration an interview will be scheduled and your application will be fully considered by the time we conclude. For any more questions /mail or /msg Left0ne or Dubzeer we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration into The Hive


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