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Undisclosed Recruitment


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IGN: coreboy95

Age: 18

Time Zone: Central

In-game Rank: MassProducer

Total Online Time: 26 Currently, had hundreds of ours in previous maps

Do you have discord (if so please put your discord name and #): SpiderbabyJ #6825

Previous Factions, If Any: Gold Clan

Reasons you left (If you were not in another faction put N/A): Faction no longer exist

What Skills Can You Bring to Undisclosed?: I'm not gonna lie, I'm not the greatest at building or making auto farms but I am a very loyal person and pretty much willing to do whatever for the faction. I can help with any and all projects and I'm always willing to help my other faction members whether its building a farm, building a base, PvP, etc.

What do you Enjoy Doing on MCD?: Not gonna lie I enjoy gambling quite a bit lol. But more seriously though I enjoy muling/selling drugs/farming. Definitely would be down to be a personal mule for the fan or whatever as I rarely get caught, I was also a top 10 mule last map.

Why Should we Accept you Over Others? I'm pretty active on the server so I'm usually available whenever to help with any faction projects, etc. And like I said I'm loyal to whatever faction I am with and there is several players on the sever who can attest to that. Thank you for your consideration!


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Undisclosed Recruitment

About Undisclosed:

  • Undisclosed is a new faction this map ran by Keonbk1 and kSoren
  • We are a raiding/PvP oriented faction, but are looking for people with all different skills sets.
  • We also are not afraid to get our hands dirty, so if your looking to get into some action, this is the place for you!
  • All major decision in the faction are voted on by all the members, including faction ranks, accepting new members, and course of action as the faction moves forward. This ensures that no matter how new you are, you will always have a say in what happens within the faction!
  • Ranks and access to vaults are earned over time, do not come in expecting free ranks/items as we believe that everything should be gained with trust and hard work over time.
  • If you have any questions about the faction or the application, feel free to message any of the above mentioned players on discord.

  • At least 25+ hours on the server (the more the better)
  • We would like to to have the rank of chemist or above, but this is not a necessity to be accepted
  • The ability to be online at least twice a week to maintain your faction power
  • Able to communicate through discord, voice chat is preferred, but not needed
  • Willingness to help with base building, raids, or PvP

Please use the form below for your application:

IGN: stefanies

Age: 21

Time Zone: central

In-game Rank: RASTA

Total Online Time: 120

Do you have discord (if so please put your discord name and #): steflikefish88#0357

Previous Factions, If Any: Gaybies

Reasons you left (If you were not in another faction put N/A): LilJoeyy811 was so controlling! always made me farm for his benefit because he was a sexist bitch.

What Skills Can You Bring to Undisclosed?: Well, first of all PVP skills are probably one of the best on the MCDrugs server, I am SUPER well liked and popular, and I can make a bomb ass TNT cannon for those hard to get into bases!

What do you Enjoy Doing on MCD?: So, what I enjoy most is frolicking through the forest in search of berries, nuts, seeds etc. in order to aid my faction in their farm building expenditures. I believe this is part of my womanly nature and my calling in life!unnamed.jpg

Why Should we Accept you Over Others? I know deep down in my heart that I am a great person and so absolutely deserving of this position! I am the greatest MCDrugs player and you probably have never encountered anybody like me aka stefanies.


You can expect a response within 1 week from date of application

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