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Police are a core mechanic of MCDrugs. They roam the spawn world, searching for players who have drugs. They can frisk players, which checks the player for drugs. If they have drugs, the police officer gets the drugs and the player goes to jail. You can Identify police by their dark blue armor. The lighter an officer's hat, the higher their rank. They may also be in SWAT mode, which has them wearing a black leather hat and their armor being enchanted for PVP. Any player is able to enroll into the police force once they reach the Dealer rank with /police enroll. However breaking any police rules or found cheating while on duty will result in a permanent demotion from police and being reset to junky rank.

Police System

The police uniform is a distinct dark blue colour.

Police Duty

You can go on and off duty with /duty, at higher ranks you can go onto specific duty modes such as /duty sergeant. Once you reach Lieutenant you gain access to SWAT duty with /duty SWAT. While on duty you have a separate inventory than your normal one, this inventory clears when you go off duty. and when you die it also will clear your off duty inventory. It is highly recommended that you go on duty with nothing in your off duty inventory.

Duty Tips

Being seen while on duty can make it harder for you to frisk players and get their drugs. It is smarter to find places along selling routes to get a jump on players before they can react. Learning all the ins and outs of the most used selling areas will also help you cut players off who you weren't able to get the jump on.

Police Abilities

Police have access to special abilities that they can use while on duty. These can be unlocked from the ability tree by doing /ashop. Earn ability tokens to unlock these skills by ranking up as a cop. Abilities are either passive or active, you can have one of each while on duty. While on duty, police have a radio. Holding this radio and typing a message in chat will put the message into a private police chat.

Active Abilities
Name Ability Duration/Strength
Speed Surge 1-2 Speed 1 4-6 seconds
Speed Surge 3-4 Speed 2 4-6 seconds
Leap Slight Jump Boost N/A
Power Leap 1-3 Jump Boost Weak, Moderate, Powerful
Aquatic Boost 1-3 Dolphin's Grace 2-5 seconds
Vision 1-4 Highlight Player(s) 2-5 block radius
Passive Abilities
Name Ability
Arrest Cooldown 1-5 Improved Cooldown
Momentum 1-5 Grants speed on arrests
Cripple Slows player on frisk
Daze Blinds player when hit
High Stakes Correct frisks impact cooldown

Police Rules

Police rules are strictly enforced. Violating any of these rules may result in not only a ban but also removal of the ability to be a cop for the remainder of the map.

1: You may frisk anyone wherever you can reach them in the spawn world.

2: Under any circumstances, you may not own a farm. You may help build farms, but can not harvest/plant them.

3: Do not frisk people in the wild world, at warp tutorial, or during a drop party.

4: Do not frame people by throwing drugs on the ground.

5: Do not take bribes from players (eg. Taking money to let them go, taking "bail" money from them).

6: Do not use speed, jump, or invisibility potions while on duty.

7: Do not use /hat while on duty.

8: Selling drugs for other players or selling drugs that you had before enrolling into the police is punishable by permanent ban.

9: The only time that cops are allowed to have a personal farm is when that farm is going to be used for brewing alcohol. These farms must be very small and approved by an admin. Using a farm that is not approved, or for any other reasons then brewing alcohol will result in a permanent demotion from cop and a ban.

Server rules also still apply to cops. Visit rules to view all of the server rules.

Rank & Unlocks


FP -> Faction Power (/factions)

AH -> Max Auction House selling slots (/ah)

Some ranks and prestiges also gets a new /kit!

Cop Ranks

Cop Ranks
Rank Price Perks/Advantages
Informant /police enroll Recruit Duty Mode
Recruit $5,000 Ability Token, +1 FP (7)
Cadet $15,000 Ability Token, +1 AH (2)
Officer $30,000 Officer Duty Mode, +1 FP (8)
Detective $50,000 Ability Token, +1 Home (4)
Corporal $75,000 Ability Token, +1 AH (3)
Sergeant $125,000 Sergeant Duty Mode, +1 FP (9)
Lieutenant $250,000 SWAT Mode, +1 AH (4)
Colonel $525,000 Ability Token, +1 Home (5)
Commander $750,000 Ability Token, +1 FP (10)
DeputyChief $1,000,000 Ability Token, +1 AH (5)
Chief $1,750,000 Chief Duty Mode, +1 Home (6)
Commissioner $3,000,000 Ability Token, +1 FP (11)

Cop Prestiges

Cop Prestiges
Prestiges Price Perks/Advantages
Prestige 1 $0 +1 Home (7), +2 FP (13), +1 AH (6)
Prestige 2 $900,000 +2 Homes (9), +2 FP (15), +1 AH (7)
Prestige 3 $2,100,000 +2 Homes (11), +2 FP (17), +1 AH (8)
Prestige 4 $3,650,000 +2 Homes (13), +2 FP (19), +1 AH (9)
Prestige 5 $5,750,000 +2 Homes (15), +2 FP (21), +1 AH (10)
Master Prestige $8,300,000 +2 Homes (17), +5 FP (26), +1 AH (11)

Master Prestige costs more to get through, for a total of $37,875,000. The total cost of all rankups is $104,025,000.