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Custom Enchantment Runes

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Mar 12, 2017.

By Dakotaa on Mar 12, 2017 at 11:56 AM
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    Due to popular demand, the "Endless" rune in each stone has been replaced with another rune, different for each rune stone, they are:

    Speed III in the Armour Rune Stone.
    Crushing V in the Weapon Rune Stone.
    Haste III in the Tool Rune Stone.

    Today we're adding something to MCDrugs that we've been thinking about adding for a while. We want to try this out and see how it goes. This will help use decide if we have something like this on the next map.

    Unlike the Valentine's Flowers, you DO NOT need a binding agent to put runes on your items! Just drag and click it onto an item in your inventory.

    Most players know about the Weaponry, Tool, and Armoury crates at spawn. These crates contain special items with custom enchantments that you can only obtain from those crates (and recently, also from Valentine's flowers). These include cool enchants like permanent speed while wearing the item, chance to do more damage or get more XP on weapons, etc.

    With the new runes being released today, you are able to get these enchantments and put them on any item you want (some only work on certain types, like Speed I on boots, etc.) This means that you can make your own custom enchanted items with Runes from the rune stones. A max of five runes can be put on an item, unless a Magical Stone is used on the item (see below).

    Rune Types
    There are 3 rune stones at spawn. One for tool runes, one for weapon runes, and one for armour runes. Each rune stone contains 11-27 custom enchant runes, which can be "unboxed" from the rune stone and put onto items. Info about what each of these runes does can be found below.

    Applying Runes
    To put a rune on your item, simply drag the rune in your inventory onto the item you want to put it on and click the item with the rune. There is a risk at using runes, however. On the application of any rune to an item, there is an 8% chance that the application will fail and the item will be destroyed. This can be prevented using a Protection Stone.
    You can also easily upgrade your rune enchantments on an item. If you have, for example, Speed I on a pair of boots, you can apply Speed II. Be careful though, as putting a lower level enchant on an item that already has the higher level will lose your higher level.

    Special Stones & The Endless Rune
    Included in each rune stone is also the exceedingly rare Endless Rune, which makes the item you put it on unbreakable. This is especially useful for armour. There are also two "Special Stones" in each rune stone. The Magical Stone, which can be applied to an item to give it another slot to add more runes. The other special stone is the protection stone, which can be applied to an item to protect it from being possibly broken when a rune is applied.

    Rune Enchantments and Their Abilities

    Magical Rune

    Any Item
    Gives an extra rune slot to an item. (Can't exceed its limit which is 15)

    Protection Rune
    Any Item
    Prevents an item from getting destroyed from unsuccessful enchantment.


    Any Item
    Item with this enchantment will never be broken.

    Weapon Enchant
    Whilst PvPing, your enemy has chance to drop the item in his hand.

    Axe Enchant
    Has a chance to give slowness effect to your enemy.

    Axe Enchant
    Has a chance to give weakness effect to enemy.

    Bow Enchant
    Has a chance to summon lightning on your victim

    Sword Enchant
    When attacking another player you have a chance of gaining some of your health back

    Sword Enchant
    A chance of inflicting blindness on your victim

    Weapon Enchant
    A chance to deal up to 2x damage.

    Weapon Enchant
    A chance to call down a strike of lightning upon your enemy, removing all positive potion effects they have and damages them.

    Inflicts nausea to your opponent.

    Weapon Enchant
    A chance to heal you relative to the damage you inflict upon your enemy without taking their health.

    Weapon Enchant
    When you kill a player, you will get Absorption and Regeneration potion effect for limited time.

    Demon Siphon
    Sword Enchant
    You have chance to get large amount of life steal from PvE (Mobs).

    Wild Mark
    Bow Enchant
    Doubles the damage of arrows.

    Flame Cloak
    Armour Enchant
    Has a chance to ignite people that attack you.

    Armour Enchant
    Fire ticks have a chance to heal you instead of doing damage.

    Health Boost
    Chestplate Enchant
    Gives infinite health boost (2 Hearts).

    Boot Enchant
    Gives you infinite speed boost

    Chestplate Enchant
    Gives infinite Fire Resistant.

    Boot Enchant
    Gives you infinite jump boost

    Armour Enchant
    You gain damage resistance, along with a higher durability on the armour piece at the cost of slowness.

    Armour Enchant
    Gives a thorns like effect but a bit more than default.

    Bat Vision
    Helmet Enchant
    Gives you infinite night vision

    Pickaxe Enchant
    Gives you Haste Potion Effect until you hold this pickaxe.

    Soft Touch
    Pickaxe Enchant
    You have ability to get the mob spawner on breaking it with this pickaxe.

    Hoe Enchant
    Hoes a bigger area.

    Pickaxe Enchant
    Auto Smelts the blocks you break.

    Auto Block
    Pickaxe Enchant
    Auto makes the block of items such as diamond, lapis etc.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Mar 12, 2017.

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