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DrugBrosInc is Recruiting

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by SmoothAimbotOn, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. SmoothAimbotOn

    SmoothAimbotOn New Member

    DrugBrosInc Rules.

    • No disrespect to ANY member of our faction.
    • No teleporting people to any faction base without asking Me or DroppingBeats
    • If you are asked to do Anything you are expected to do it. We will keep request to a minimum this isn't slave labor.
    • No asking for promotions. If you ask this will only further the chance of a promotion.
    About Faction and myself (SmoothAimbotOn)

    Firstly we have 2 leaders of this faction. Me and DroppingBeats (my brother) I am 17, I have years of PvP and faction experience. This includes Running factions,and maintaining factions.


    RECRUIT: you will be required to pay 5k a day in tax. You get access to a shaby /f home.

    MEMBERS: you guys are officially apart of the company. We have a base set up for members. This is a bigger and better base. Members are required to pay 10k a day.

    OFFICERS: You get this rank when me AND my brother trust you. This comes along with a teleport to the trusted base this is a monster base of monster size. However you will be required 15k in tax.

    Co LEADER: You get a say in officer promotions. And the leaders base. You will be required 20k in tax a day.

    Me and my brother (Leaders): will pay 25k in tax a day just to make prices fair.

    Depending on how much claim u need for your personal bases.


    What's your ign?

    How much experience do you have with drug and faction servers.

    Will you be able to get on discord daily?

    How active are you each week/day?

    What is your donation rank?

    What is your criminal/police rank?

    PvP: 0/10
    Base bitching: 0/10
    Base Building: 0/10
    Raiding : 0/10
    Deal Making:0/10

    I just wanna thank everyone for their time. I am looking forward to the future of DrugBrosInc with all of you. Also if any faction is willing to ally please contact Me on the server.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2017

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