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[GRAND OPENING SALE] Baker Brand Books

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell' started by jeffthebaker, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. jeffthebaker

    jeffthebaker Member

    Baker Brand Books

    Looking for a change of pace? Something to spruce up the grind? Perhaps something to pass the time while your crops grow? Looking to start a unique and timeless collection? Baker Brand Books is the #1 best selling and highest rated publications operation on the server. Owned and operated by jeffthebaker, each book is handcrafted and catered to the needs of its loyal customers.

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the Grand Opening of Baker Brand Books

    Baker Brand Books has officially opened its doors at Playershop F7- first row on your right when you enter the marketplace from spawn. Head straight down that first isle and look for the lights!

    Grand Opening Sale!!!
    From NOW until the end of Thursday, all current and future publications sold by Baker Brand Books are on sale for only 10k (sales value: 20-35k) This is the cheapest these books will EVER be, so now is the perfect time to start your library!

    Current Selection:

    Aegis- The Okayest Faction
    Genre: Drama/Comedy
    Length: 26 pages
    Synopsis: The first publication by jeffthebaker and first best-selling novel on the 2018 iteration of MCD. "Aegis- The Okayest Faction" follows the struggles and ambitions of a faction coming to terms with being "just alright". The classic novel that every household should own.

    Sneak Preview:

    Life of a Cop
    Genre: Slice of Life/Coming of Age
    Length: 34 pages
    Synopsis: An epic retelling of the rise and fall of an altruistic cop trying to make his mark a positive impression on a chaotic and lawless world. Follow our protagonist as he deals with tragedy in all forms. Make sure to have a tissue nearby.
    Sneak Preview:

    The Date
    **WARNING: Sexual Content**
    Genre: Fan Fiction
    Length: 25 pages
    Synopsis: "The Date" follows the dynamic relationship between Mr. Aegis and Ms. HoldThisSalt as they embark on their first date. This novel takes a deep delve into the inner workings of both individuals and how that feeds into their growth alongside one another. Truly a unique story. (Personal favorite of Dakotaa)
    Sneak Preview:

    Ode to a Nibba
    Genre: Philosophy
    Length: 35 pages
    Synopsis: Nibbaseatinbeans was a national treasure to MC Drugs, and has been stripped away from the community prematurely via a permanent blacklist from the server. Explore concepts like morality, justice, and raiding Aegis in this philosophical introspection into individuals and the MCD community as a whole.

    Sneak preview:

    Other selections, recovered by raid:
    MCD Official Handbook
    Bible of Empire1 - by: creepercraft
    Racism n Shit1 - by: Joshlyxox
    How to Tie a Noose - by: cookiecrunch
    Word of Mad_Arc - by: Dakotaa

    Head on down to playershop F7 and play your part in Baker Brand Books' Grand Opening!
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018
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  2. AegisBestFac

    AegisBestFac Member VIP+

    Great books! keep them coming!
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  3. jeffthebaker

    jeffthebaker Member

    You got it dude :)
  4. BB360

    BB360 Member MVP+

    I fucking love this! This is perhaps the best player shop in the server.

    Baker can you make a fisherman story for me to sell at my Fish Shop at F3. Or can I draft you a Fisherman story that you sell at your bookstore?
  5. BB360

    BB360 Member MVP+

    Can I just say, your "Life of a Cop" story was beautiful, I just read it and it was awesome.
  6. jeffthebaker

    jeffthebaker Member

    I'm planning to introduce private requests by next week, where you'll be able to commission me to write a book and you keep the original copy to sell or keep as you please. So stay tuned for that :)

    And so glad you were a fan of Life of a Cop :)
  7. jeffthebaker

    jeffthebaker Member


    The long awaited "Ode to a Nibba" is now selling! Check the main post for details regarding this philosophical masterpiece and fourth installment of the Baker Brand Books collection
  8. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Your book Ode to a Nibba is filled with lies and propoganda. Like the Bench movement of a couple years ago, this will only lead to harm for anyone your fanatic movement comes across. You plan to make a martyr and start "crusades" for this man, who you claim was a great player and "true patriot". Does this look like a great player to you? A racist, rule-breaking man should not be seen as "the epitome of an MCD man." Your little story gives inaccurate information about the circumstances of his ban; he was not banned for horse duplication, but exploiting a bug in the shop to generate endless creeper eggs for himself. Does this greed and general lack of care for the market on creeper eggs (which he would be destroying, by selling these illegitimately acquired eggs for cheaper than the hard-working players who get them without exploiting) make him a "true patriot" or a good person? You're idolizing a prejudiced, insatiable person who is unfit for the server, which is why our staff team decided it would be best to remove him permanently.

    I advise anyone who reads this book to not take it seriously - many of the "facts" presented in the book are entirely false or exaggerated to create sympathy for this hooligan.
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  9. jeffthebaker

    jeffthebaker Member

    So glad that you were a fan Mr. Dakotaa :)
  10. Snipplez

    Snipplez Active Member VIP

    Wait this is fucking funny XD

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