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Kit PvP

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Jun 15, 2017.

By Dakotaa on Jun 15, 2017 at 2:12 PM
  1. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner


    This Saturday we will be opening our new Kit PvP server! It's a new twist on a class Minecraft gamemode, and a great place to practice your PvP skills against other players. The server will be opening this Saturday after the Drop Party (/dp), you will be able to join with /kitpvp

    If you have never tried Kit PvP before, here's a quick rundown:
    • You start off with the basic kit, iron armour, diamond sword, and soup.
    • Kill other players to get EXP to rank up, as well as coins to purchase new kits.
    • Use soup to heal your health in combat.
    • The server uses 1.9 PvP (you must time your hits).
    There will also be a 1v1 arena that you can challenge others at.

    We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Kit PvP this weekend.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Jun 15, 2017.

    1. Oliiiiiiii
      Is there any possibility of hosting a tournament event for this Saturday on the KitPvP server?
    2. Dakotaa
      The server is set up for a continuous free for all, there's really no way of use hosting a tournament without a bunch of stress on the staff. We will, however, have other games like King of The Hill.
    3. Oliiiiiiii
      Awesome, thanks.
    4. ThorpePark
      First 1.9 kit PVP server ever? I honestly can't wait :)

      EDIT: I will use this server to practice PvP for the drug server. Hopefully this kitpvp server can populate too.
      Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
    5. Ezxhh
      There's a reason tho.... soup and 1.9 is like mixing Bananas and sprite
    6. Dakotaa
      Actually, it's not. With the kits we have, which are Sharp 1 diamond swords and iron armour, or around that, soup works fine with 1.9 pvp. Hits do 2-3.5 hearts each, which means that you can easily kill someone who doesn't soup properly, and people who know how to soup can be better.
    7. Marquise
      Do donor ranks possibly have any perks for this, like an exp boost to rank up a bit quicker?
    8. Dakotaa
      They will have double coins and double EXP. They may also get early access to new kits, if we add them, which depends on if the server is used enough.
    9. Clint Cantrell
      Clint Cantrell
      It will be a soup kit pvp? Not a potion pvp?
    10. Dakotaa
      Yes, soup, but there is a kit that has potions instead.
    11. SaltyKen
      This was a great implement to MCD. Really hope the server does well as Ill spend most my time there.
    12. VerseGA
      Will donator ranks do anything for the server??
    13. Marquise
      Refer to Dakotaa's reply.

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