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    Revenant Recruitment

    In-Game name: MadamCookie Age: 17 Drug Rank / Cop Rank: smuggler Donor Rank: mvp++ Online time? (type /ot in game): 2386 hours, 16 minutes Discord?: kelsey#6348 Timezone?: EST How often do you play?: everyday usually, few hours a day What other factions have you been in this map if any: fcs What...
  2. MadamCookie

    Dawn Faction Recruitment [Closed]

    Ingame Name: madamcookie Ingame Rank: prestige 1 trafficker Age: 18 ;) Activity (Hours per day)(/ot): 2120 hours
  3. MadamCookie

    Vigilance Faction Recruitment

    ACCEPTED - Welcome to the faction!
  4. MadamCookie

    Eden Faction Recruitment

    Ingame Name: MadamCookie Age: 18 Time Zone: EST Drug Rank: prestige 1 smuggler Online Time (/ot): 1091 hours Do you have discord: yes Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): no i started in 2017 Previous Factions: conquest, aegis, misfits, 4threich Reasons you left...
  5. MadamCookie

    Happy Holidays!

    Hello my friends! I wanted to make a post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! It is currently Christmas Eve for me so im a little early but since I wont be online tomorrow I decided to go ahead and post this tonight! and of course I wish those who do not celebrate Christmas a happy holiday! I...
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    2Tall's Introduction

    welcome my friend!
  7. MadamCookie

    MCDrugs Secret Santa

    I'm in for this, sounds fun
  8. MadamCookie

    MC-Drugs Giveaway

  9. MadamCookie

    "Total balance"

    green is the almighty god
  10. MadamCookie

    hello :)

    Sup dude, if you need any help in game just let me know!
  11. MadamCookie

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Derpy_Donald

    It has come to my attention that i am stupid and printer is allowed on creative. Sorry for the mistake and my incompetence. Appeal Accepted.
  12. MadamCookie

    Denied Ban Appeal - lewis

    Hello Lewwiiss, first off, this appeal wasn't very helpful to getting you unbanned. Second, I watched you sprint while sneaking to an enderchest and then back outside of spawn. Another player also told me they saw you sprinting while sneaking as well. Appeal Denied.
  13. MadamCookie

    Accepted Ban Appeal - Hoppin

    Hi, sorry for your ban, you were mistaken for another player who has been joining with alts. I do suggest your tone down your jokes and not repeat your behavior from before, but you will be unbanned. Sorry for the mistake.
  14. MadamCookie

    Accepted Ban Appeal - 45Angle_

    Hi, sorry about the ban, we have had a player joining on alts and you were mistaken for one of them. I mostly did ban though because you were showing that you had no intent to play. You have been unbanned but please refrain from acting like this in the future.
  15. MadamCookie


    Welcome to the server! Hope to see you online!