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2019 Holiday Festivies

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Nov 30, 2019.

By Dakotaa on Nov 30, 2019 at 7:23 PM
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    December and here, and along with it comes our annual Holiday Festivities!

    We're been working hard on making tons of new content for the holiday season this year, and there's tons of ways to earn rewards.

    Holiday Drug Pass
    Drug Pass is back, and with an entirely new format! Check it out on the server with /drugpass. The Holiday Drug Pass will run until January 5, and has 75 tiers to progress through, with a reward at every tier, plus premium rewards at every tier for those who upgrade to premium (/drugpass premium).

    Main Challenges
    Instead of new challenges every week, all main challenges are now available from the start. These challenges are mostly based on participating in holiday events and exploring spawn. Check them out on /drugpass

    Daily Challenges
    We've dropped the weekly challenges, which many players believed were too grindy or difficult. They have been replaced by daily challenges, which are similar, but easier. You get 7 daily challenges every day, each rewarding 20 XP. Complete them all for 140 XP every day.

    Holiday Gift Exchange
    Feeling generous this holiday season? Give one random online player a random gift with the Holiday Gift Exchange Present! Each present is $0.50 on our store, but can go as low as $0.35 when buying in bulk. Not only does a random player get a gift, but you also get a Gift of Giving for each gift you give. Gift of Givings can be traded in, at the end of the Holiday season, for very exclusive rewards. Not only can you get rewards for trading in Gift of Givings, but the top three most generous players, those who gave the most gifts, will receive huge prizes!

    Holiday Present Hunt
    Around spawn, 500 presents have been hidden. You'll get an exclusive reward for every 5th present you find, and the rewards get better the closer you get to finding 500. The present hunt is a great way to try out some of the Holiday donator items for free, as you can earn Mystery Presents, Holiday Crate Keys, and Gift Exchange Presents as rewards from the present hunt.

    Holiday Crate
    The Holiday Crate contains 11 holiday-themed items. This includes Glacial Boots, which give the user a permanent speed effect, and the Snowman's Nose, which is enchanted with looting 4 for greater farm harvesting.

    Check out the other rewards in the Holiday Crate by left clicking it at /spawn.

    Holiday Mystery Present
    Feeling lucky? Try out the Holiday Mystery Present for yourself, or buy it for someone you care about. Opening the mystery present will get you a random item from our donation store. At a cost of $5 on our store, the rewards inside the present are all valued at $6 or more, so you're guaranteed to get something valued at the same, or more than, what you paid. You can even unwrap the MVP++ rank, with a value of $250!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Nov 30, 2019.

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