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Denied Ban Appeal - MrShkreli


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Member Name MrShkreli

Ban appeals are for when we have made a mistake, or there has been a significant change in the circumstances.
These are the only reasons a ban appeal would be accepted. Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied.

In Game Name: noodlemeow

Length of Ban: Permanent since 2018

Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : Blacklisted Player - 3 years ago

Staff who banned you : InFamousAge

Staff who dealt with you : Not sure

Staff who have warned you previously :

Reason for ban on record : I was banned for finding and abusing a glitch with the coinflip system that allowed me to never lose money even if I lost a bet.

Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) :

What is your explanation of this reason? What can I say, I'm a gambler. When I found the glitch, I abused it.

Why should we unban you? I really miss the community. It's been three years since my ban and I think it has been enough time. I miss playing the game because of its great features and I would never do anything to lose this privilege again.

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again?

How can we trust you again? It's been three years. The last thing I would want to do is lose the privilege to play if I were reinstated.

What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? Hello,

I have been banned for a long time. I accidentally stumbled upon the glitch and it was hard to resist free money.

Now that I have been banned for three years, I would never do anything to get kicked off again.

Thank you for your time,


Staff member
Other than under special circumstances, blacklist bans cannot be appealed.

Appeal denied.

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