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Denied Ban Appeal - tntommyboi96

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In-Game Name: T3G1

Reason for ban No reason

Length of ban: Perm

Place of ban (e.g. in-game, Discord, TS3, etc.) Disc

Staff who banned you Not to sure

Did any other staff deal with you before you were banned? No

Did you receive warnings prior to your ban? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

Why do you think you were banned? Because staff doesn’t like me and they do it to people they just really don’t like

What is your explanation for your actions? Why should you be unbanned? Because I did nothing

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? Try not to be an annoying little shit to staff

How can you ensure we can trust you again? Idrk man imma just go in the disc every now and then ig

What else would you like to say to the admins reveiwing your appeal? Pls man I need to talk to some of my besties like ace and goodchum


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Appeal Denied

You've been given multiple chances before your discord mute and perm ban from MCD to stop being an asshole. Based on the fact you were unable to stop after those chances, you will continue to stay muted in MCD discord.
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