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Farm Licenses

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Aussie_Lover, Nov 14, 2019.


Should this be done?

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  1. Aussie_Lover

    Aussie_Lover Helper Helper

    I just want to start off this suggestion thread by thanking the staff team for all they have done and regulating lag that has previously occurred and now opening back up shrooms, pumpkins, and melons!

    My idea is complex, would take a bit of time, but would be worth it. It may affect the economy, but just slightly, and drug prices could be fixed to establish any quivers in the market.

    The idea behind shroom farm licenses would be allow large groups of players to operate the old shroom farms (the ones that use flowing water).

    Here is a general process that could be followed to obtain such license:
    - A group of players submits a licence application
    - An admin opens the application
    - Phase one: planning; the team of players must discuss with the admin the designs they will use and must get all designs approved, including one for timers, one for water distribution, and one for collection.
    - Phase two: building; the team, after getting their designs approved, must build said farm following the exact design details, and inform an admin before the timer is turned on.
    - Phase three: testing; the team of players will be allowed to turn the farm on for two hours, making sure everything runs smoothly; the admin will be watching to make sure than not too many entities are being summoned at once and that TPS is not drastically being affected.
    - Phase four: reporting; the admin will report on the outcome and if it will be approved or not; if not, the team will have to redesign the farm to better operate
    - Phase five: recording; the team will be added to a list of all known licensed farms, thereby validating the license

    Limits on farms:
    A few limits would have to be imposed on each farm
    - The farm itself cannot exceed size of 75blocks x 100blocks, nor can it be larger than 50 blocks tall
    - Each layer will increase the cost of the license (see below)
    - The timer designed for the farm must not send water more than 5 times an hour

    License regulations and fees:
    - To open a license, a fee of 5mil must be payed each time a planning phase is done (if a farm has to be redesigned, another 5mil will have to be payed)
    - Each week, a fee of 10mil will have to be payed to keep the license validated
    - For each added layer in the farm, an extra 1mil but be payed along with the license validation each week

    To collect fees, players can create a group in /shroompay, which would allow players to deposit money into a non-withdrawable account. This way, a group can collectively own one farm and each player can deposit money when needed. The money will automatically be collected on saturday, before the mega lottery. 50% of the money collected will be spread across the mega lottery, the other 50% will vanish into MCD Bank.

    - One of the major restrictions on these farms would be the times they can operate; for certain periods of the day, when the server is busiest, farms would not be allowed to be turned on; if a team runs during the banned period, their license will be revoked and each player registered will be banned from running another shroom farm for the rest of the map.

    Of course, as all suggestions do, this idea would still need a lot of work and dedicated time to happen. However, for larger factions and groups of players, it will certainly be worth it. It saves both time and money.

    Thank you for considering this propositon. I know it is complicated and will likely not receive much approval from the admins, but I believe it is worth considering. Thank you all!
  2. GoodChum_

    GoodChum_ Trial Admin Staff Member Trial Admin Contributor III MVP++

    There are a lot of problems with this idea in my opinion. 1, Admins already do a lot of work on the server and adding something like this will just take up more of their time. 2, The price points and sizes basically make this entirely way to expensive and not worth it in the long run, as players could make a farm of similar size for amounts astronomically lower than the total amount it would cost to build this with the license. Also the fact the licences takes 10mil every week to be keep in status is also insane. 3, The idea that this will be cheaper for larger factions is probably wrong, as stated before most large factions could make this for way cheaper than your price points. The only thing it could do is make it quicker to build these types of farms, but that is dependent on if admins will even agree to do this. and finally 4, the idea is cool but id rather whip my faction slaves into action and have a farm built in a week rather than pay tens of millions to get it faster, it just isnt worth it.
  3. Aussie_Lover

    Aussie_Lover Helper Helper

    I get your idea behind the cost, and it is high. However, the faction would still be required to build it by themselves at their own cost - this is just a way of allowing these types of farms to be built, as they are currently against the rules (I know you know that though). Thank you for your input, you made some very valid points!
  4. parcheesi15

    parcheesi15 Active Member MVP++

    There are a few mushroom designs that can be used in replacement of the water flow and mass piston farms. These farm designs are of course more expensive to build but the cost to build them is nothing compared to 10mil a week for a license. Of course, these are just your example numbers but to make the license and following payments equal to what the farm design would cost without a license just makes the whole work for the admins and players a nuisance.

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