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News MCDrugs Statistics

Discussion in 'News' started by Spalw, Jan 22, 2020.

By Spalw on Jan 22, 2020 at 2:51 PM
  1. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    I thought it might be fun to share what I often do. I love statistics, especially when it comes to Casino games, so I tend to build a lot of statistics functionality to my games. Therefore, I have almost endless data when it comes to the casino.

    This video is just a brief look at some of the most interesting stats.
    I hope you enjoy it :)
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Discussion in 'News' started by Spalw, Jan 22, 2020.

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    1. MassProducer
      Pretty interesting stuff, I'm honestly surprised mega millions were more purchased than platinum.
    2. Spalw
      I just added a new column near the slots on the spreadsheet.
      You're correct, there were more platinums bought, but significantly more was spent on Mega Millions, which was in my opinion the best way to gauge which was the most popular.
      Becuase otherwise, it would clearly be the Low Spenders, as they are almost an order of magnitude higher than the rest.
      Intersting stuff, none the less.
    3. Mac_Milller
      appreciative as always, spol. good work.
    4. Lurnn
      You have no idea how many mega millions I bought my dude... no idea...

      Cool video! Glad I could really imagine the dent I made in all those casino numbers, and in my bal :confused:
    5. MrYellowDotCity
      I like all the comparisons... gg on this vid
    6. CorvusCornix
      Very interesting stuff for sure, but I'd hoped you'd go into the actual odds of some of the casino games. Wishful thinking i suppose, haha. I took data from the 1,000+ platinum slots I've personally spun, and wondered how close it was to the actual odds. Here's the data if you're interested, or wanna tell me how close i got *wink* *wink* platsss.PNG
    7. Lurnn
      Like the idea of your data, but since luck does exist you can never be sure haha, as for casino games I mean most of them the odds are plain and simple, the slots odds have always been a secret, as with the amount you need to spend per casino rank... nice idea though :)
    8. Dakotaa
      The "luck" is based on concrete odds, so if he collects enough data, it's bound to be pretty close to the actual odds. With a sample size of 1000, I'd bet his numbers are pretty close to the real odds (for the regular platinum slots, it's probably not very accurate for bonus games since that's only 5% as much data).
    9. Lurnn
      Edit: I'm dumb you're write, :)
      Last edited: Jan 23, 2020
    10. CorvusCornix
      i agree with Lurnn on the casino rank progress, /casinoprogress is useless but even some of the helpers don't realize it's a joke... tbh I'd suggest making it at least represent something instead of being a totally random message or remove it entirely. Also, there's a small bug because I'm currently Diamond and when i do /casinoprogress it's saying "Black tier is [insert vague term here] close!" when I'm pretty sure it should be saying Elite, as that's the next rank.
    11. Dakotaa
      With enough data you can be pretty sure
    12. Spalw
      I've gotten this feedback endlessly since the inception of our casino rewards system.
      Unfortunately, the only option I really have, is to either completely remove /casinoprogress, as it was always meant as a joke, or to just leave it as it is.

      There are many reasons which I don't want to disclose the exact progress you are to the next rank, and this will likely never change. The CasinoProgress was just something to have a bit of fun.
    13. Spalw
      Like Dakota said, the odds of all of the games are static and do not change, the slot machines are easy to figure out if you play them enough and document your wins.

      Double is very easy to calculate - it has a 6.67% house edge (plus the tax).

      The rest of the games' house edge is basically just from whatever the current tax rate is on the winnings.

      Also, you calculate the value of 5 Free Spins as $250,000. You should instead value them at 5*(Average Win per Spin)
      Last edited: Jan 23, 2020
    14. Hrby
      I had no idea so many players actually used the casino. Those numbers were pretty surprising
    15. jazlaanjoy
      Nice Post from MSDrugs
    16. guddubhaiya
      A valuable Article I Read
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