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Proxima Faction Recruitment


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Proxima is run by Growingg, who was a well-known player known as thft. We aim to develop large farms and focus primarily on building wealth and power in the faction. We are looking for community-oriented, tough, cunning, active and smart players to handle different positions in the faction. Give and you shall get.

- a Discord for communication
- 50 hrs of playtime (/ot)
- Minimum rank Smuggler
- good standing in the MCD community (minimum 1 reference from a high-ranking player)
- a skill that you can offer Proxima (farm builder, TNT Cannon wizard, expert PVPer, etc)

What Proxima Offers You:
- Strength in Numbers
- Community
- Large Farming Opportunities (eventually)
- Faction events to win prizes

Please follow the Faction Recruitment Template below and we will get back to you in a couple days, either through in-game mail, Discord, or forum message.


Preferred Name:


Drug Rank:

Time Zone:

Online Time:

Your Discord:

Have you been with other Factions:

Is this your first map on MCD:

What can you offer Proxima:

What do you want from Proxima:

IGN: 50PercentOff

Preferred Name:Uh 50 or sumthin


Drug Rank:Idk but im the most active helper

Time Zone:EST

Online Time:Idk like 600 hours

Your Discord:50Minion#5425

Have you been with other Factions:ye

Is this your first map on MCD:nah

What can you offer Proxima:idk im pretty average at everything and i dont have a pc so im on for like 20 minutes a day but uh im a cool kid who is the most active helper

What do you want from Proxima:friends... i aint got em and all the other factions are to hard to get into cuz im irrelevant now.


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IGN: Cristian_Chevere

Preferred Name:

Age: 19 (20 in June)

Drug Rank: Trafficker (About to rankup)

Time Zone: CST

Online Time: 501 hrs

Your Discord: BluePanda

Have you been with other Factions: I made my own but not in the new map.

Is this your first map on MCD: No

What can you offer Proxima: I know how to build complex auto farms and I'm good with numbers. I've spent a lot of time on the server and I think it's time I put my skills to good use. I can log on anytime after 4 p.m. CST.

What do you want from Proxima: I need to be in a faction that can protect me and keep my shit safe if I'm being completely honest. I also just want to be a part of something bigger and better.


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IGN: CuteNaomi

Preferred Name: Dbetts

Age: 20

Drug Rank: Mass Producer

Time Zone: EST

Online Time: Night and in the morning to the afternoon

Your Discord: Dbetts#9365

Have you been with other Factions: No

Is this your first map on MCD: Yes

What can you offer Proxima: I do whatever people need me to do and im above average builder and enjoy farming?

What do you want from Proxima: Somewhere where there is people to chill with and the ability to work and hang out safely

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