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Soul Drainer

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CrpyCrftr, Oct 31, 2019.


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  1. CrpyCrftr

    CrpyCrftr Member

    Hey guys, got a new idea for you all!

    While playing in Pit today I thought it would be cool if we could activate a special perk that would cause hitting Pit mobs to drop Boss Soul Fragments (BSFs). Not sure if this has been proposed before but here is my idea:

    1. A 60 second booster (purchased from /bshop or online) or 10 second weapon perk (enchanted book (not sure if enchanted books can hold custom enchantments) that could have this modification added to any weapon)
    2. Drops BSFs onto ground or into inventory with every “charged” (weapon fully raised back up) hit
    1. Through /bshop or the online MCDrugs store, this booster or perk book could be purchased.
    2. When enchanted on a weapon, perk is effective for 10 seconds (each “charged” hit granting one BSF) with a 5 minute cool down. When used as a booster, booster is active for purchaser only, each hit grants one BSF, and must cool down of 30 minutes.
    1. Double use of both booster and boosted weapon could make obtaining BSFs very fast and very easy
    2. Should BSFs be dropped to the ground others could run and steal BSFs
    3. Granting a BSF for every hit could pose problematic if spam clicking cannot be circumvented (added “charged hit” detail to reduce chance of spam clicking but I’m not sure if this can be implemented)
    1. In order to balance some of the effects of Soul Drainer, perhaps lower the drop chance of Boss Souls by a small margin for those using the booster or boosted weapon (during the time the booster is active)
    2. Dropping BSFs to the ground to allow stealing and/or sharing could reduce the number of BSFs being obtained by one user (quiet times in the server would practically void this change since no one is online)

    What do you all think? I think this could be a good way for more people to obtain BSFs. I do understand that by making this change it could hurt the Boss Soul market and even nullify the pre-set Boss Soul costs for certain items in /bshop. However, I do believe that by making a drop occur on only a charged hit, spam clicking, and thus BSF gains, wouldn’t be too high.

    I’m always open to feedback so tell me what works and what doesn’t!
  2. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    Alright I'm gonna be 100% straight up here since last map the boss soul economy is nonexistent, nobody buys or sells souls anymore, most people just use them for legacy keys for smuggler sneakers, with the amount of effort I believe this would take to implement/code it would simply not be worth it, a cool idea but unrealistic, and what you say about active for purchaser only well that would violate the EULA as that is "pay2win"
    Just my opinion
  3. SlimShady_69

    SlimShady_69 Member VIP+

    not a bad idea, but as of right now hardly anyone is buying boss souls like lurnn said so it would have little to no effect right now, and it would require a whole niche plugin for a niche part of the server, a lot of effort for not a very dramatic effect. also 30 seconds seems pretty short, especially if its only for yourself; the booster would either have to be really cheap or easily available in crates. again not a bad idea, but it wouldn't be useful at all right now and its just too much effort for a very small if nonexistent effect.

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