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Bradderz consistently ignores and fails to warn against blatant racism opting instead to punish the offended party for "toxic" behavior whilst none of the clearly racist parties where even warned anything more than verbally, the final straw was when i was wound up by two different players in the chat and brad decided to announce to the public chat that I'm a toxic and hateful person (something to that effect), for admittedly trying to lowball the players and then replying equally as rudely as they where to me, when i explained the situation to brad he simply said if you have a problem make a report and then threatened to ban me without warning if i dared to defend myself in an unfair situation again.


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Being completely civil and not caring when the initial instigator is still being rude in the chat and other players are calling him out for being toxic.


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Use the proper format found here for all future reports:

I'm going to start this by saying I have already spoken to the mod in question and gone through all the chat logs. Someone being racist, by your definition, does not give you as a normal player the right to attack them, or be an ass towards staff for not instantly banning them by your world view. Our server allows things most others don't if you don't like what is and isn't punished stop harassing staff and find a new server. And even if someone is being rude in main chat it may not be grounds for them to be muted or punished.
From going through your logs you seem to find yourself a very important person and like to call others retards, some other slurs, and just straight up being an ass to cops for frisking you. Sometimes staff even though are online are not able to be checking chat every second, and one person raising a chat 'situation' to a level where it doesn't need to be, because they start arguing with people, is why Brad may have taken a passive aggressive stance towards you. Nothing I see in these screenshots shows that brad has done something wrong, and looking at his punishment history shows he was actively muting people for racism a few hours before your tantrum.

In the future if you find someone if being overly aggressive/racist in chat towards you or in general either leave it up to staff that are online, or make a report on discord or here like you already did, arguing with staff trying to force explain why you being a dick in chat back is justified because of what they did makes you seem like an asshole.
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