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Invalid Unrightfully banned

Do you think someone should be banned because there friend was on there ip "auto pathing"

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My friend ("greenbiscuit") and I were at a sleepover so we were obviously using on the same wifi and he was banned for auto pathing or something and I wasn't even on the server however I was banned on my 3 accounts. I know that I wasn't meant to be using alts and I'm willing to suffer the consequences or that however, they aren't his alts therefore they shouldn't be banned via his actions. My friend and I offered to go into a voice call with the admin to prove it's different people but he didn't content. There are people we have fought together who can tell you that we are not the same person.


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It's unfair that you don't understand how this looked from our perspective. Your poll you have added to this post only reinforces that.
Like Ace said, you will need to create an appropriate appeal and we will take it from there.

Obviously we do not think it's reasonable to ban people for using the same connection, but you know that isn't what it looked like, as you admit you were already using alts.

I would normally ignore this, but your attitude towards our staff isn't justified.
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