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USSR Recruitment. P.S. We don't feed you

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Lazertie, May 17, 2019.


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  1. Lazertie

    Lazertie New Member

    Why Join USSR?
    Cuz everyone in it shares what we all get because it's not Minecraft its Ourcraft. It's not a Meme its Usus. This is not going to go on Youtube its gonna go on Ourtube. Remember when you give one of your friends in 7th-grade class a piece of bubblegum and next then you know the whole class is all standing in a line taking turns emptying your bubblegum pack. It's like your neighbors using your terabyte of wifi, cuz it's not part of the USSR until it becomes a Share-a-byte. We also have a show called Our Little Pony, and no it's not a ripoff from My Little Pony. Why would you dare think that?

    How is this faction unique and better from others?
    It's because no one is rich that's because everyone is poor AF! And no one can overthrow the leader if he kills his wife, children, parents, and siblings. So that makes us a strong government.
    Right? Also, we send our dogs to space, ain't that cool. Bet you haven't heard of that one yet. Still not interested? THEN GO TO THE GULAG CAMP YOU CAPITALISTIC SCUM!
  2. Zelxio

    Zelxio New Member

    Id love to join, hmu
  3. Illuminati_Haxz

    Illuminati_Haxz Active Member VIP+

    Delta is already the best USSR faction

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