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23/12/2017 Lost Items Thread

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Dec 23, 2017.

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  1. nikeluke

    nikeluke New Member

    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
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  2. Ziexd

    Ziexd Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder Contributor II MVP+ DrugPass I

    Username: FestiveZie
    Inventory items lost: Nothing
    Enderchest items lost: 3 P5 sets (2 maxed, 1 with nothing extra), t3 horse(lvl 40), Colored nickname voucher (one you get from drugpass), Extra strong bow, scuba helm, flippers(?idk what they're called), elytra (mending + unb3), ~12 super golden apples - cannot remember the rest :'(
    Boosters lost: two 1.5 boosters (all drugs, 30mins), one 2x booster (all drug, 30 minute)
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  3. redbaaron

    redbaaron Member MVP+

    Username: redbaaron
    Inventory items lost: Things I know for sure was a prestige axe
    Enderchest items lost: I lost the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd thingies for every 100 gifts found and the golden nugget you get when you start drugpass. I also lost an extra sharp sword I got yesterday from my second prestige, a rabbit spawner, and 8 gift of givings
    Boosters lost: n/a
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  4. chickenchit

    chickenchit Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP+

    IGN: ChickenChit

    Inventory items lost:
    64 party bags from dp
    2 gifts of giving emeralds

    Enderchest items lost:
    Tier III horse
    symphony gun
    9 villager eggs
    legacy of chuck rod
    Mob Overkiller

    Tier 3 voter bow
    Tier 3 voter axe
    Tier 3 voter shovel

    Pickaxe - Silk Touch, eff V, Unb III, Mending
    Snorkling mask
    Rocket Boots
    64 god apples

    Boosters lost:
    1.2x 30 min random
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  5. JALJC

    JALJC Member MVP+


    Inventory items lost: Elf armour (chestplate,pants,shoes)
    christmas tree sword.

    Enderchest items lost:66 gifts of giving, present hunt medalions(up to 400), scuba helm, psychotic helm, mining helm, ice pick, 14 hoppers, 2 legacy of chuck, 1 fisher of souls, unbreakable pickaxe
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  6. That_Kawaii_Nerd

    That_Kawaii_Nerd New Member

    Username: That_Kawaii_Nerd
    Inventory items lost: 48 Drop Party Bags, that's all I want back that was in my inventory.
    Enderchest items lost: Sheep Spawner, Mine Pic tier 5, snow shovel, voter axe tier 2.
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  7. Zacbun

    Zacbun New Member

    Game name: Zacbun

    Inventory stack and half of drop party bags

    Enderchest : Full gear with prot 4 unb 3 and mending .... a sword with sharp 4 unb 3 loot3 and mending tier 3 bow 2 stacks of diamond blocks 2 stacks of iron blocks 1 stack of lapis blocks 7-9 skelly spawners ice pickaxe with mending enchantedspade with eff 4 unb 3 mending 2 enderchest 7+ tier 3 keys 14+ tier 2 keys 35+ tier 1 keys
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  8. Demeter_1

    Demeter_1 New Member

    Inventory Items lost:
    Variety of armors from dp, around 90 Mystery boxes from dp, some Obi, hay bale, Gold...
    I had a variety of random stuff...

    Enderchest Items lost:

    Pig spawner, i dont remember if something else was in there.
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  9. Wavii_

    Wavii_ New Member

    Username: Wavii_
    Inventory items lost: Prestige ax
    Enderchest items lost: n/a
    Boosters lost: 1.7x all drug 30 min, and 1.3 or 1.2 random drug booster 1 hr (100% sure about the 1.7x, not 100% on the 1.2 random)
  10. Darvling

    Darvling New Member

    Inventory items lost: Around 50 mysery Boxes, variety of diamond armor (enchanted), Variety of random DP items
    Enderchest items lost: Obi, Diamond blocks, Gold blocks, TnT, Special Swords(crafted by someone), 2 Holiday Swords, other items dropped by the Dp before the official DP
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  11. Cjhuber

    Cjhuber Helper Helper VIP+

    I lost a pickaxe with silk one unbreaking 3 and eff 3 mending, a MobOverkiller sword, a set of vip armor the rest doesnt matter just stuff from the dp.
    In my enderchest i lost 8 teir 1 voterkeys and 3 teir 2 also lost 3 creeper eggs and custom aromor which dont care about i also lost a stack of obbie and a set of space boots aswell as teir 1 horse. to my knowledge i did not have any boosters at the time used them all prior
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  12. ethenhunter

    ethenhunter New Member MVP

    enderchest: unbreakable pickaxe scuba helmet 1 prestige key tier 3 horse lvl 30 and lucky conch

    boosters: 3 randomdrug booster 1.2x 30 min
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  13. DoobieRoller

    DoobieRoller New Member VIP

    Username: DoobieRoller
    Inv items lost:
    multiple christmas banners, 70ish mystery bags, 25 of the ghast tear point things, 20 hay bales, a few blaze rods, 3 mending books, and I don't really care about the rest.
    Enderchest: t3 voter bow, ice pick with mending added, voter pickaxe, firewood axe, pickaxe with silk touch, unbreakable sword with looting 2 added, a voter shovel, 3 creeper eggs, 2 rabbit spawners, 2 cave spider spawners, a spider spawner, and I think the other was a sheep spawner, a few name tags, 25ish gifts of giving, 5 t1 keys, 64 tnt, 2 hoppers, 64 diamond blocks. I know there were some other things but I can't remember what they were.
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  14. Jquan420

    Jquan420 New Member

    Inv: 60 dp bags Christmas armor
    ednerchest: 5 stacks of diamond blocks 6-7 stacks of iron blocks 64 golden apples 2 super apples 6 gifts of giving and possibly a tier III bow
    boosters: none
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  15. BatChit

    BatChit Member MVP

    Username: BatChit
    Inventory items lost:
    12 tier I keys, 6 tier II keys

    Enderchest items lost:
    tier 3 horse, mob overkiller, tier 3 voter bow, pool noodle
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  16. Silver_Kit

    Silver_Kit New Member

    I never got the iron nugget vote things from the dp that I ran to get?!
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  17. knowski

    knowski New Member


    Inventory items lost: Full enchant dime armor (all pro 4 unbreak 3 + feather falling, resp, aqua, depth strider) Christmas tree sword, Pick - dime Eff5 Unbreak3, Mending, Looting3...Axe - Eff5 Unbreak3 Mending...Bow - Power4 Unbreak3 Infinity, AK47 32 amo, shotgun and approx 20 shells.

    *Please note...15 minute approx b4 dp i won auction for a blaze spawner and this was in my inventory. I won it with $50000. You can check the logs to see this isn't a lie...sorry but can't remember who was selling it.

    DP Items lost: 32 mystery items(Drop Party Bags?), 16 points reward?(enchanted nuggets) 2 mending books...as for the rest I don't care.

    Enderchest items lost: 70 dime blocks, spawners 2 cow, 1 skele, 1 zombie, 2 spider, 21 enderchests, 2 stacks of xp bottles, 30 blocks lapis, christmas axe, 1 C-egg, stack of iron blocks...struggling to remember the rest :( * Fuck it...my christmas armor set was in there too...just went to put it on to replace the lost ones and not ther. 2 stacks bookshelves, 1 stack bone blocks

    Boosters lost: none
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  18. JCR11

    JCR11 New Member

    Inventory items lost: scuba helm with mending, winter jacket, mvp pants, pro 4 unbreaking 3 depth strider 3 mending boots, holiday sword, tier 2 bow, diamond pick with eff 4 unb3 silk touch, 94 3 point vouchers 64 golden apples snow shovel 32 mystery packages

    Enderchest items lost: 11 tier 1 keys , 1 creeper egg, 19 gifts of giving, 1 100 present medallion, 1 200 present medallion present participation medallion
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  19. KatarinaCouteau

    KatarinaCouteau Active Member Outstanding Forum Contributor

    Enderchest Items Lost:
    9 Sheep Spawners
    [RIP] Tag - Halloween Exclusive
    3 stacks of hoppers
    Ender Dragon Head
    20~ Gift of Giving Emeralds
    25~ Creeper Eggs
    2 Cow Spawners
    1 Cave Spider Spawner

    Boosters Lost:
    1.7x All-Drugs Booster, 1 hr
    1.5x All-Drugs Booster, 1 hr

    My EC had a row and a half of assorted spawners, but other than those mentioned, I don't remember the specific ones.
    -- KatarinaCouteau​
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  20. Witchh_

    Witchh_ Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Inventory items lost: almost 2 stacks mystery bugs(i dont exactly remember)nothing else important as i can remember
    Enderchest items lost: [spawners:creeper(3),pig(12),cow(15),sheep(8),skelleton(35),zombie(20),spider(26),blaze(28)], 2 heatwave, 2 t3 horse(maxed level), elytra(with mending and unb 3),1 stack ceggs and 37(maybe not 37 maybe 36 or 38 i dont really remember :(),lucky conch, 3 excavators(1 with mending and fortune3 the other 2 no enchants), 1 t3 shovel, 1 t3 axe, 1 t3 pickaxe, 1 unbreakable pickaxe, 1 mastery pickaxe, 1 mastery hoe, and something i forget and most likely i will cry about it later :p
    Boosters lost:1 1.7x 30min, 1 1.7x 1hour, 1 1.5x 1hour, 2 1,5x 30min
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