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Important Returning Donator Ranks

Discussion in 'Donations' started by Spalw, May 11, 2019.

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  1. Obamabear

    Obamabear New Member

    IGN: Obamabear
    Rank: VIP+
    Estimated Date of Purchase: 2nd August 2017 2:06
  2. Jinx___

    Jinx___ New Member

    IGN: Jinx___ (formerly jinxisfed or Heist_BoX)
    Rank: VIP+
    Estimated Date of Purchase: Sometime before the cutoff as I don't have it anymore
  3. SkeleBoi

    SkeleBoi New Member

    IGN: SkeleBoi
    Rank: MVP+
    Estimated Date of Purchase: Can't find it, had it last map
  4. FactionsTasty

    FactionsTasty Well-Known Member MVP+

  5. deathtrap_70

    deathtrap_70 New Member MVP+

    IGN:MoneyMakingMitch Old IGN when rank was purchased: deathtrap_70
    Estimated Date of Purchase:
  6. DaGermanAmerican

    DaGermanAmerican Member VIP+

    IGN: DaGermanAmerican (Formerly _DaDeutsches_ and flamboyfearless)
    Rank: Legacy MVP
    Purchase Date: Back in the plot days.
  7. Silver2030

    Silver2030 New Member

    IGN: Silver2030
    Rank: Vip
    Estimated time of purchase: 4-7-2018
  8. Daddy__G

    Daddy__G New Member VIP+

    IGN: Daddy__G
    Rank: Legacy MVP (had a nickname as well)
    Estimated Date of Purchase: Summer 2018
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  9. Matt09812

    Matt09812 New Member

    IGN: Matt09812
    Rank: Legacy VIP + /White Nickname (Christmas reward)
    Estimated Date of Purchase: Late 2018 Early 2019
  10. Devtato

    Devtato Member MVP

    IGN: DevTheMiner
    Rank: Legacy MVP+ with Pink Dev Nickname
    Estimated Date of Purchase: November 2, 1932
  11. HuntTheFree

    HuntTheFree New Member

    IGN: HuntTheFree
    Rank: MVP+
    Estimated time of purchase: July 8th 2017
  12. Carnhy

    Carnhy New Member MVP+

    IGN: Carnhy
    Rank: MVP+, plus nickname and stuff
    Purchased: Early 2017, made a post about it later 2018 when I was getting back on again and I got it back. Can find that post for reference if needed.

    Followed all the /rankreturn stuff and in the lobby, it said that it found it, MVP+ and my nickname. I waited 5 min and then /mcdrugs and then /rankreturn again and it said it still found nothing ??
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  13. Capri04

    Capri04 New Member

    IGN: IBackedYouAPie
    Rank: MVP++, nicknames, plots
    Purchased: 2015

    I had bought them under another username (I believe CocaColaXD100), I have the receipts to prove my purchases. Also, can I receive compensation for the plot items, other commands, and things that I had bought that are no longer available? Preferably in the form of keys

    (It could've possibly been MVP+, I have the ID if someone could check what I purchased)
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  14. Joe Cline

    Joe Cline New Member VIP+

    IGN: JoeCline
    Rank: VIP+
    Estimated time of purchase: 2016
  15. Fexiled

    Fexiled New Member MVP+

    IGN: Fexiled
    Nickname: Fexiled
    Rank: MVP+
    estimated time of purchase: 2-3 maps ago. (Possibly rank with points to.)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  16. syriagal

    syriagal New Member

    IGN: syriagal
    Rank: VIP+
    Estimated Date of Purchase: 2016/2017

    I didn't buy it with money but I got it through voting and the points
  17. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    I find no records of you having a rank for the last two maps. Also, MVP++ was added last map, so you couldn't have purchased it in 2015. We no longer give compensation for plots, as we discontinued them three years ago.
  18. OceanSublime

    OceanSublime New Member

    IGN: Sublimee
    Rank: VIP or VIP+
    Time of Purchase : June 11 , 2017
  19. FatherrShoe

    FatherrShoe New Member

    IGN: Fatherrshoe
    Rank: Legacy MVP or MVP+
    Time of Purchase: Summer 2018

    I bought a bunch of mount keys during that time if that helps narrow it down, might be irrelevant
  20. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Please try /ranktransfer.
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