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Aegis Faction Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Yuckk, May 14, 2020.

  1. Yuckk

    Yuckk Member

    Aegis Faction Recruitment

    There is no set time as to when these will be reviewed, please be patient.

    Some Info:

    · We created our Faction in 2016 and 3 of the 5 original member are still active in the Faction today. We are one of the few Factions to have lasted multiple years on the server

    · Many players from our Faction have gone on to become big players on the server after getting the starter boost from Aegis, GlucoseDaddy is an example that comes to mind

    · Aegis is now mainly a farming Faction, we have a Faction on both worlds

    · We have a member farm, which you’d gain access to use by talking to us via discord often


    These are just guidelines, some may be overlooked and it is up to the discretion of the Faction.

    · We would like you to have at least 30 hours of /ot

    · We would like you to be at least Grower rank

    · We would like you to not have an extensive /history

    · We would like to have not seen you being excessively toxic in chat


    Ingame Name:


    Drug Rank:

    Donator Rank:

    Online Time (/ot):

    Previous Factions:

    Reasons you left:

    Qualities that you feel benefit us:

    Why we should accept you over others:
  2. StormTMad

    StormTMad New Member

    Ingame Name: StormTM

    Age: 12 soon 13

    Drug Rank: junky

    Donator Rank: none

    Online Time (/ot): not sure but a long time

    Previous Factions: none

    Reasons you left: i didn't

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: i will help with anything

    Why we should accept you over others: you shouldn't because everyone have the same chance as me i think
  3. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit New Member

    Ingame Name:phoenix813


    Drug Rank:producer i would be chemist atleast but i got fucked over by a dude

    Donator Rank:mvp and legacy mvp

    Online Time (/ot):1070 hours

    Previous Factions:Los hermanos

    Reasons you left: leader floris has no fuckin loyalties 2 faced and scammed me out of 3ish mil

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: good with grinds play an average of 6 to 10 hours a day good at grinding will put all of my money into the faction if we have active projects

    Why we should accept you over others:I gave u a tpa to floris second base didnt betray the fac jus retaliated on what he did to me. edit: i also have no /history
    Last edited: May 17, 2020
  4. evillamawithhat

    evillamawithhat New Member

    Last edited: May 17, 2020
  5. evillamawithhat

    evillamawithhat New Member

    Ingame Name: evillamawithhat

    Age: 20

    Drug Rank: Producer soon to be Massproducer

    Donator Rank: none

    Online Time (/ot): 54 hours

    Previous Factions: EastHookRollerz (My own)

    Reasons you left: Was just me playing

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I have a decent farm already so I'm happy to chip in to projects that will make money, I can dig out a fat room in stone very quick.

    Why we should accept you over others: I'm active pretty much everyday
  6. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit New Member

    werent you also wity floris shoulda listed that
  7. evillamawithhat

    evillamawithhat New Member

    barely long enough for u to call me out wys
  8. Yuckk

    Yuckk Member



  9. Panda2642

    Panda2642 New Member

    Ingame Name: panda2642

    Age: 18

    Drug Rank: Producer.

    Donator Rank: None right now, planning to buy soon.

    Online Time (/ot): 108 Hours.

    Previous Factions: None.

    Reasons you left: None.

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: I am on the server for majority of the day. I am extremely generous if anyone in the faction needed anything whether it’s a loan, raiding, and whatever is needed. I am very efficient when it come to farming manually and making certain types of drugs. I always have at the very least 200k in my account at all times. Sadly my farm was just raided and taken over, but I plan to make a new farm very soon.

    Why we should accept you over others: I am available almost all hours of the day and night. And I plan to contribute the absolute most I can to the faction.
  10. haze452

    haze452 New Member

    Ingame Name: haze452

    Age: 20

    Drug Rank: grower

    Donator Rank: mvp++

    Online Time (/ot): 80 hours

    Previous Factions: fear

    Reasons you left: no farms

    Qualities that you feel benefit us: i can farm and mule a lot.

    Why we should accept you over others: i have a lot of positive qualities. I am trained in crisis texting so if anyone is struggling mentally they can talk to me and ill make them feel better. I suck at pvp. I can recommend good hacked clients if you want. I can also help build
  11. Yuckk

    Yuckk Member



    I have mailed you ingame a discord link. Feel free to join the discord and I will invite you to the faction when I speak to you.

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